photo: Mats Bäcker

MOZART'S REQUIEM, choreographed by award-winning Örjan Andersson, was performed for sold-out theatres in autumn 2019 earning praise from audiences and critics alike. This autumn the performance is back on Malmö Opera's (SE) beautiful stage.

Lingering on the steps of a world that is neither life nor death. On the threshold, deliberating the two conditions. Here Örjan Andersson has created a sensuous and rich work for Skånes Dansteater, Malmö Opera Chorus, and Malmö Opera Orchestra. Join them in one of music history’s most mythical and beloved works.

Örjan Andersson embraces Mozart’s monumental Requiem and lets dancers, singers, and musicians sweep you through darkness, joy, sorrow, and gratitude. Together with Bente Lykke Møller (scenography and costume) and others, he creates a dazzling dance experience, full of life.

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MIRAGE is an emotional reflection on the imbalance of our nature and man's own inability to save it. Helena Franzén returns to her great source of inspiration, nature, the dancing bodies, and the rapture of nature and its inner life. But she also depicts the lurking catastrophe - climate change that threatens our entire existence.

It depicts our insecurity, powerlessness, and guilt when we try to take responsibility for our planet and approach nature in new ways. The performance digs into the feeling of lack of power and the question of whether our efforts really make a difference. On individual versus collective responsibility. The evening is an emotional journey through space, music, and choreography where you will explore on an emotional level your relationship with nature and the importance of taking responsibility for your own actions.

Premiere on 12 Oct 2023 at Dansens Hus Elverket, Stockholm (SE), with additional performances on 13 and 14 Oct 2023. More info and the full credits here. With the support of the Cultural Council, Stockholm City's cultural administration.

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photo: Andrzej Grabowski

JSK is getting ready for a worldwide tour in the next few months, as well as two new premieres. Destinations include Armenia, Panama, Mexico, Italy and Turkey, in addition to venues in Norway!

THE LOFT will perform at High Fest in Yerevan, Armenia. THE MINISTRY OF UNRESOLVED FEELINGS will tour Panama and Mexico as a part of the Cervantino Festival among other venues. MADE IN OSLO will visit Istanbul and A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL will perform at Scenario Pubblico, Catania in Sicily (IT).

JSK is also premiering two new co-productions in September! ROULETTE with The National Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania. The first joint production was THE DOOR in 2018 which received four prestigious awards. Second one for Polish Dance Theatre's 50th anniversary – THE HAT in Poznan, Poland. Ten years ago, JSK co-created CZTERDZIÉCI for their 40th anniversary. See more in the full touring list here.

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TITANAS is a meeting between Sol Picó, Natsuki, and Charlotta Ofverholm, three dancers and choreographers who have only their extensive careers, created from a place of maturity, experience, and the energy that all three share. A choir of twelve women accompanies the journey of these warrior goddesses who carry as their banner freedom from norms and archetypes.

Tourdates: 24 Oct 2023 Tarragona (ES), 2-5 Nov 2023 Mercat des Flors, Barcelona (ES).

Charlotta Öfverholm is choreographing the newly written opera MELANCHOLIA at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm (SE). The opera is composed by Mikael Karlsson and the libretto was written by Royce Vavrek. Premiere on 7 Oct 2023. Read more here.

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Ingenious maths, existential march, and nostalgic intensities are set in motion in choreographer Björn Säfsten's new work AND SO WE'RE GONE for four dancers at Elverket.

AND SO WE'RE GONE is partly based on repeated patterns of walking and partly an intense flickering of expressions creating an equilibristic choreography approached with humour, seriousness, and imagination. On stage, geometries, rituals, and everydayness are contrasted with situations like memories, or are they fantasies, intensities of a life lived and a life lost? Björn Säfsten continues to challenge the abstract and concrete at the heart of the movement in a work that wants to explore our sensible experience of time.

Plays at Dansens Hus Elverket 26-28 Oct 2023.

For the full credits list, additional information, and tickets - go here. Supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, and Stockholm Stad.

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photo: Mats Åsman and Sosso Harryson 

MARMALADE will perform for family audiences in a public show on 16 Sept 2023 at the Västerås Concert Hall. More information and tickets here.
I'M THINKING ABOUT, Claire Parsons Co.'s much-appreciated performance created in collaboration with The Dance Museum in Stockholm (SE), will be presenting two additional performance periods this fall. I'M THINKING ABOUT tells the story of the iconic Swedish Ballet (Svenska Baletten), active in Paris in the 1920's. It is a dance tour through the museum exhibition, where the audience is invited to follow along with the performers and dance pedagogue Klara Berggren as guides. I'M THINKING ABOUT will be performing at The Dance Museum in Stockholm (SE) 12–24 Sep 2023 and 1–5 Nov 2023. More info and tickets here.
"Her delightful performance Im Thinking About draws direct nourishment from an avant-garde playfulness and we thank The Dance Museum for the initiative." Ann-Marie Wrange, Danstidningen # 3, 2022 (SE)

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On 14 Oct 2023 the choreographer and dancer Israel Aloni will be performing the full-length solo piece MY BODY MY NATION at Redbergsteatern in Göteborg (SE). The performance is part of the Judiska Salongen program.

After the performance, Israel Aloni will have a conversation with Karin Brygger - a poet and cultural writer, assistant professor in Aesthetics, Media and Storytelling, about the corporeality of Jewish identity and history. The performance and talk are presented in an intimate setting with a limited amount of tickets available. If you would like to attend the event, please contact Israel Aloni. More info available here.

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Virpi Pahkinen and her dancers journey into the hydrosphere, embodying transformations of water. Their movements may meander, as silent as snowfall, or roar and flow before settling in the secretly structured, still clarity of a snow crystal. The municipalities of Järfälla and Upplands Bro near Stockholm (SE) will be visited in October by the performance WIND VIGIL by Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company.

"A purifying bath for the mind. A powerful artistic experience and an intuitive chemistry lesson combined." Eskilstuna Kuriren (SE)

"Enchanted frost flowers. Virpi Pahkinen's "Vindvaka" is a swirling study in ice." Dagens Nyheter (SE)

Tour dates: 5 Oct 2023 Kulturhuset, Upplands Bro, 7 Oct 2023 Järfälla kulturscen, Jakobsberg.

The Swedish dance magazine Danstidningen has published an interview with Pahkinen about the show CHANGE - which was built from a kaleidoscopic and playful idea where five choreographies, musical scores, and light designs are interchangeable. CHANGE premiered at Stockholm City Theatre in spring 2023.Text by Margareta Sörenson and great photos by José Figueroa. Find out more in Danstidningen.

"I often rehearse in silence, and when I timed the choreography parts, I realized that they are very precise and become equally long. That's when I had the idea to expose choreography to light and music randomly. Would it be totally confusing and impossible?" Virpi Pahkinen

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photo: José Figueroa

I'M THINKING OF YOU lets you discover or rediscover the library as a place. As a participant, you are invited to follow instructions through headphones and interact with the library environment in both expected and unexpected ways. You will be given the opportunity to perform covert acts of resistance and discover secret messages right in the middle of a public space.

The piece is available for individual lending for a five-year period at 11 libraries in Sweden where it is installed in a site-specific version. Anybody can at any time, through a QR code, listen to the soundtrack and perform the piece.

This autumn the piece is being reworked for touring, and can soon be played in any library. It will be available in Swedish, English, and Arabic. I’M THINKING OF YOU can play both as a school performance for classes and as a family performance. From 10 years. Read more here. Listen to the site-specific piece here.

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photo: Märta Thisner

Heilborn's comical piece inspired by Tolstoy's classic Anna Karenina 37 HOURS & 3 MINUTES is showing at Espoo theatre in Tapiola, Espoo (F) 6-7 Oct 2023. Read more here.

"As with Tolstoy's narrative technique, Heilborn remains in constant contact with the source of her inspiration. But just like in a complexly constructed Tolstoy novel, this performance is completely impossible to encapsulate. It is, however, extremely funny." Cecilia Djurberg, Aftonbladet (SE)

- The performance had its opening night only weeks before Russia began its unprovoked attack against Ukraine. We hope that it can now serve us in our important and difficult conversations about our relationship toward Russian culture, director Gunilla Heilborn says.

The solo MERKURIUS with Kristiina Viiala on stage is playing at 4+4 DAYS IN MOTION in Prague (CZ) on 14 Oct 2023. More info here.

"Kristiina Viiala's excellent on-stage portrayal of the awkwardness and fragility of the seekers. It is hard to imagine a perfect expression of anxiety and compulsive fears relating to the past and present, characterized by the same degree of empathy as humor." Västerbottens-Kuriren (SE)

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photo: Carl Thorborg

Viktor Fröjd is touring LOCUS with Riksteatern this fall 29 Sep – 11 Nov 2023, and FESTEN with Dancenet Sweden Spring 2024.

LOCUS is a place where people breathe, live, and change through movement and rhythm. On stage we see the three dancers Anton Borgström, Joanna Holewa Chrona, and Abigail Vrede who, like Viktor Fröjd, have a background in street dance. Together with the dancers on stage and the audience in the auditorium, video and light installations create a shared space in transformation. The newly written music moves between acoustic and electronic, between everyday and distorted where rhythm and resonance arise and change.

LOCUS is a collaboration between Scenkonst Sörmland and Riksteatern and the show will premiere in Eskilstuna on 29 Sep 2023. It will then go on tour with Riksteatern throughout the country in the fall of 2023. More info here.

Maybe FESTEN is the last resort where we can embody our longing beyond language and thought. A longing away from structure, symmetry, and the measurability that is demanded by modern life.Festen is the tribute to the human and the spiritual. To dance and to use the body to experience all the inherent possibilities in the human being, together as well as alone. Everyone who participates in Festen is also part of creating it.

FESTEN goes on tour in Spring 2024 with Dancenet Sweden. Supported by: Kulturrådet, Malmö Stad, Region Skåne, and Konstnärsnämnden. Full tour plan here. Read more here.

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photo: Jens Peter Engedal
THE SOUL CATCHER is a seductive and deeply disturbing performance about psychological and physical abuse, manipulation, and power - in a powerful mix of performance, dance, spoken word, and electronic music.

Tourdates: 4 Oct 2023 Nordic Theatre Laboratory, Holstebro (DK), 19 Oct 2023 The Nordic House, Torshavn/Faroe Island (DK), 24 Oct 2023 Randers Theatre, Randers (DK), 28-29 Oct 2023 Tokalynga, Gunnarp (SE), 9-10 Nov 2023 Atalante, Göteborg (SE).

"The performance is sharp and unsentimental. It is a mix of performance, dance, spoken words and seasoned with hard electronic music. The three actors do not compromise their expression but deliver a solid performance. The performance fully lives up to my high expectations, which over time I got to the creator of the work, Annika B. Lewis, and also got a great gift at the top of the hat, as the theme was both presented as autofiction and fantastically portrayed. Bravo for courage and artistic pondus.” – Kulturnyt (DK)

THE SOUL CATCHER is produced by Kassandra Production in a co-production with theatre Bora Bora. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The City of Aarhus, Knud Højgaards Fond,William Demant Fonden and DMF.

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On 24 Sep 2023 NSP is performing In C at the NonStop International Theatre Festival in Moss, Norway. The world-renowned choreographer Sasha Waltz' latest piece had its world premiere in 2021, and this is the fifth location in Norway so far where Nagelhus Schia Productions is performing this popular piece. Sasha Waltz's colourful exploration of the world of minimal music is based on Terry Riley's revolutionary and open composition of the same name, and follows a similarly variable structure, leaving room for constantly changing variations. Read more here.

On 11 Sep 2023 NSP had the pleasure of welcoming four new aspiring young dancers to the talent program for contemporary dance, NSP 2. Andreas Holme, Claire de Caluwe, Ingrid Schade, and Facundo Ebenegger will be working with NSP for the autumn 2023 and spring 24 seasons. Read more about NSP 2 here.

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In NET, a big net moves in and spreads in the theatre space. Guided by three dancers, we unfold the performance and a choreographic kaleidoscope emerges. Here, we get lost in an undulating landscape of 192 elastic squares, which, with dance as the motor, opens doors to new spaces to wedge our fantasies into. To catchy beats and melodic loops, we build a shared aesthetic experience together.

Artist duo OR/ELLER premiered with NET in Denmark playing school performances presented by KORA/Dansehallerne until 15 Sep 2023 and 20-24 Nov 2023. NET is performed at Dansens Hus, Hallen 6-14 Oct 2023. NET plays school performances in Stockholm with DANSiSTAN/CIRKUSiSTAN10-12 Oct 2023.

NET is aimed at children and adults, from 5 years old. It is an interactive performance and everyone in the room participates. Concept, choreograph by OR/ELLER: Anja Arnquist and Madeleine Lindh. A production of OR/ELLER & Nordberg Movement in collaboration with Dansehallerne Copenhagen and Norrlandsoperan, Umeå. In cooperation with Dansens Hus Stockholm. With the support of City of Stockholm.

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graphic: Katja Reimers

Art of Spectra's upcoming work DISORDER is in research through residencies and meetings nationally and internationally. The work premieres in early spring and tours in March - 24. More info will come soon! The work TENSION will be touring again, nationally and internationally from summer -24 to spring -25. Watch a trailer here.

The dance film RUM 444 by Art of Spectra´s artistic director Peter Svenzon is one of 6 films running for the best experimental film of the year at the Las Vegas Movie Awards at the end of September. The film is also selected by the Amsterdam Independent Film Festival and will be screened in Amsterdam in October. RUM 444 won over 25 awards for best experimental, original score, sound design, and more at festivals in London, New York, Los Angeles, Brussels, München, Stockholm, Singapore, Florens, and Paris. Watch a trailer here.

When the Vara Concert House (SE) celebrates 20 years Art of Spectra will perform VIVALDI RECOMPOSED to music by Alfred Schnittke during the jubilee concert on 7 Oct 2023. Read more here.

See a list of current works here. Films are available on request, contact Art of Spectra here.

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