June 2023
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We are super excited to present the newest edition of SynchZipped, your quarterly dose of all things business and law. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for choosing us as your trusted partners. Your continued support and faith in our services mean the world to us!

Now, let's talk tech and law – a match made in heaven! We are proud to shout from the rooftops about our exceptional capabilities in the technology field of law. We've been breaking new ground and leading the charge in harnessing the power of AI. We set out already back in 2015/2016 to develop our own AI solutions. Yep, you heard it right, we're pioneers! By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we've revolutionized legal processes, boosted efficiency, and offered groundbreaking solutions to our clients. We're not just talking the talk; we're walking the walk when it comes to embracing innovation. A further evidence of that is our fantastic and fascinating SynchSandbox and in this edition of SynchZipped we present the selected companies that we will help craft the future of legaltech.

But that's not all. We know that staying on top of legal changes can be a headache. That's why SynchZipped is here to help. We've got your back with updates on the ever-evolving legal landscape. Our team of legal whizzes is committed to dissecting and deciphering the jargon, so you can focus on what matters most – running your business. We believe that knowledge is power, and we're here to empower you with valuable insights that'll make a real difference.

In this edition of SynchZipped, we've curated a stellar lineup of articles, case studies, and success stories. They not only showcase our expertise but also shed light on the legal implications of investments and emerging technologies. We want to share our know-how and give you a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. If you’re a startup I would like to give an extra push for the Start-up Guide that we written together with friends at Itechlaw.

Before we wrap up, we want to say one more time: Thank you! Thank you for being part of our journey, for trusting us with your business, and for inspiring us to push boundaries every day. So, grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and dive into the latest edition of SynchZipped – where business, law, and a touch of tech magic collide.

Wish you all a splendid summer.

Jim Runsten
Synch recognitions: WTR 1000 2023

We are happy to announce that our IP lawyers Mathilda Nordmark and Sara Sparring at Synch, have been recognized in the WTR 1000 2023 (World Trademark Review) in the following categories:
--> Anti-counterfeiting: Sara Sparring – Recommended (as one of six lawyers in Sweden)
--> Enforcement and litigation: Mathilda Nordmark – Silver
--> Enforcement and litigation: Sara Sparring – Silver
--> Prosecution and strategy: Sara Sparring – Recommended
For another year in a row, Sara is the only lawyer in Sweden ranked in all three categories (anti-counterfeiting, enforcement and litigation and prosecution and strategy). Impressive!
We are also excited to say that Synch received praise from clients in enforcement/litigation and for prosecution/strategy.
Sara Sparring’s and Mathilda Nordmark’s recognition was quoted:
“A young and modern set that is well regarded on the market” by all on the IP scene. Commercial outfit Synch has a thriving trademark practice and its professionals guide brand owners through each stage of the trademark life cycle with an expert touch, from devising watertight brand protection strategies to handling successful oppositions. Taking the reins are Sara Sparring and Mathilda Nordmark. They garner enthusiastic praise from peers and patrons: Sparring is described as “a highly competent lawyer with a great knowledge of trademark law. She is always thorough and precise when handling both prosecution and litigation work”, while Nordmark is “professional, trustworthy and brings value to the table”. The duo works side by side to seamlessly manage and coordinate the trademark portfolio of Apotek Produktion och Laboratorier – one of the largest manufacturers special pharmaceuticals in Europe – while also working hard to minimise the number of counterfeit products on the Swedish market.”
Updates in the legal areas
We are pleased to present the latest legal updates since the last issue of SynchZipped. Below, you will discover concise summaries across various competence areas. We trust that you will derive both enjoyment and enlightenment from these invaluable insights.
Navigating the new Unitary Patent System
The introduction of the Unitary Patent System provides a new, efficient way for creators to protect and manage their creations and inventions. In a recent article, Hugo Snöbohm Hartzell discusses the pros and cons of the new system from a patent holder perspective.
In contrast to how European Patent validity was previously determined by individual member states, the process is set to be streamlined. Any European Patent granted after 1 June 2023 will, if not "opted out" during the transitional period, have a unitary effect and be valid in all participating member states under the new jurisdiction of the Unitary Patent Court (UPC).
For the patent holder, this means benefits such as increased efficiency, lower costs, and the possibility to bring infringement actions centrally, but also poses the risk of "central attacks" and reduced flexibility when managing international portfolios.

Our team of experts is ready to guide clients through this new process with ease. Read Hugo's full article here.
New Swedish Legislation on Foreign Investments

The Swedish government has recently introduced a new legislation, “the Granskningssystem for Utlandska-Direktinvesteringar till Skydd för Svenska Säkerhetsintressen” (Act on Foreign Direct Investments to Protect Swedish Security Interests), “Act”. This legislation aims to safeguard Swedish security interests by establishing a comprehensive framework to scrutinize and evaluate foreign direct investments “FDIs” in Sweden. Here is a summary of the key provisions of the new legislation:

• Objective: The legislation's primary objective is to prevent potential risks to Swedish security interests arising from foreign direct investments.

• Scope: The legislation applies to all FDIs in sectors deemed critical to national security, including defence, energy, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, and technology.

• Notification Requirement: Foreign investors intending to make direct investments in the critical sectors must notify the Swedish government through a designated channel. The notification must include relevant details of the investment.

• Review Process: Upon receiving a notification, the Swedish government will conduct a review of the proposed investment to assess any potential risks to national security.

• Stakeholder Involvement: The legislation encourages active involvement of relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, security services, and industry experts, in the review process to ensure a comprehensive analysis.

• Factors Considered: The review process will consider various factors, such as the investor's background, the nature of the investment, potential security risks, and any potential influence on Sweden's technological capabilities and critical infrastructure.

• Timelines: The legislation sets clear timelines for the review process, ensuring timely and efficient decision-making while maintaining thorough assessments.

• Remedial Measures: If the review identifies potential risks, the Swedish government may impose conditions, restrictions, or even prohibit the investment to protect national security interests. An acquisition of a FDI in violation of the Act may also be deemed invalid.

• Confidentiality: The legislation emphasizes the importance of maintaining confidentiality during the review process to protect sensitive information and trade secrets.

• Cooperation and Information Sharing: The legislation enables enhanced cooperation and information sharing between the Swedish government and international counterparts to address cross-border investment risks and ensure a coordinated approach.

• The new Swedish legislation on Granskningssystem for Utlandska-Direktinvesteringar till Skydd för Svenska Säkerhetsintressen represents a significant step towards protecting Swedish security interests in the face of increasing foreign direct investments. By establishing a robust review system, Sweden aims to strike a balance between attracting foreign investments and safeguarding the national security.

Written by Carl-Adam Drakenberg.
SynchSandbox 2023

Established by Synch in 2018, SynchSandbox supports legal innovators in making their LegalTech concepts a reality. Backed by Synch's lawyers and developers, this program offers a full support spectrum for early-stage teams: from product testing and validation to mentorship and access to a pool of investors.
The applications period for SynchSandbox 2023 has closed and we are happy to present the 4 start-ups that will be participating on this year’s edition:

• Themisium is a start-up that aims to modernize the legal services market, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, price-sensitive companies, and those located in smaller towns.
Themisium's solution is a platform called Jeureka, which facilitates the buying and selling of legal services, using a 'gig' structure. Jeureka aims to make legal advice more accessible and of higher quality for more businesses due to the lower entry barriers and improved competitive conditions it brings. It also provides entrepreneurial lawyers with the opportunity to shape their own career in the market. Buying legal services should be easy and transparent, and this is the entire philosophy of Jeureka.

• Litigence is a specialized GDPR compliant version of ChatGPT for Norwegian and Swedish law.

• Skillinvest is a platform connecting startup ideas with skilled individuals, revolutionizing investment. Professionals invest expertise instead of money, forming a collaborative ecosystem. Entrepreneurs showcase ideas, attract collaborators, and pay with stocks. Then a dedicated lawyer oversees the process to ensure transparency and legality. The lawyer takes responsibility for drafting and managing the stock agreement, ensuring a secure and compliant transaction for all parties involved.

• Equity Manager helps entrepreneurs and creators to easily manage their product or company. From splitting ownership to selling it all out.
Startup Legal Playbook

TechLaw Association has published the first edition of the Startup Legal Playbook.

We are delighted to announce that Synch lawyers Jim Runsten and Hugo Snöbohm Hartzell has contributed with their expertise in the Swedish chapter (pages 329-335). You can read the chapter here.
Spring Afterwork
On April 20th, we proudly hosted our annual Spring Afterwork event.

This was one of those events where the weather aligned with our festive mood and brought sunshine to us all. Truly an event that goes down as one of the great.

Great food, great wine and most importantly, great people.

We thank all of you who attended and already look forward to next year.
Jurist-SM in padel
Synch proudly participated in Jurist-SM in padel with three talented teams.

Jurist-SM focuses on promoting physical activity, health, and a sense of community among lawyers and legal professionals. The event also supports charitable causes, with tournament winners given the opportunity to choose a charity to benefit from the proceeds.

Well played Cecilia, Mira, Stefan, Emma, Olof and Hugo, who represented Synch on the padel court.