This letter contains information about the upcoming Spring dialogues with the university, a PhD workshop we'd like to arrange together with the university, and other small things.
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Welcome to a new semester!
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A new semester has started and we thought you might like to know a bit about what is happening.  This letter contains information about the upcoming Spring dialogues with the university, a PhD workshop we'd like to arrange together with the university, and other small things. 

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We want your opinion!
In March and April, the student union will meet with the faculties and NLU to discuss education matters. These are called the Spring dialogues and the purpose is to identify problems, discuss improvements and to follow up on older issues. Naturally, both we and the university are very keen to get your input on things in order to raise relevant PhD student concerns in those discussions. Please take a few minutes to answer our PhD survey!
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The Doctoral Student Barometer

The Doctoral Student Barometer will be sent to all PhD students in March. It is a survey conducted by LNU every three years to get a better understanding of doctoral students' experiences, and this time it will also include questions related to the effects of the pandemic. The survey will be analysed during the fall and the results are to be used for quality purposes.  

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Want (to) Finish on Time?

“I like my workplace. And my colleagues. But I simply can’t get things done, constant interruptions make it impossible to focus. Still, the “fear of missing out” is strong: I find myself socialising, in meetings or doing “academic housework” during my best productivity hours.”

We want to organise a full-day PhD workshop together with LNU on the topic: Academic productivity – from efficiency to effectiveness and from negative stress to sustainable work methods but want to run it by you first. It is described as:
Finish on Time has provided workshops designed for PhD students and other academic staff for a long time. Thousands of participants from all disciplines have given us excellent reviews over the years. For one thing, the participants appreciate that we understand academia and the conditions in an academic working environment.

The methods we present are hands-on, applicable directly in your current (and future) working situation and have a large impact. Our participants keep pointing out that these methods are more than “just” effective time management tools. We want you to pay attention to your process – how you work, think and act; a process crucial for finishing research projects (your thesis!) and managing stress levels.

The objective of the full-day workshop is to provide you with a toolbox for increased academic productivity and decreased stress levels, focusing on your goal to finish your thesis on time and feel good along the way! Even the best of workshops needs to be “re-lived” over time. Therefore, every participant also gets a free copy of Åsa Burman’s book: “The Doctoral Student Handbook – Master Effectiveness and Reduce Stress – Finish on Time”

The target group for this workshop is PhD students from all academic disciplines. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your first year or in your last, if you work full time or not - the methods will be beneficial either way.

Please let us know if this is of interest!

You need to be a member of Linnaeus Union to be awarded our grants and scholarships!

Our course literature scholarship is awarded once a month and is SEK 500. To apply for it, you need to write a motivation about why you should win. You motivate with a maximum of 50 words. The winner is presented with motivation, name and picture on our Instagram.

You can also apply for our engagement scholarship, which is awarded to a student who has shown extraordinary commitment to promoting education or the study social environment at LNU. The scholarship amount in SEK corresponds to the Linnaeus Union's number of members the previous autumn term.

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Welcome package

In cooperation with Växjö municipality, the Linneaus Union offers a welcome package to those who register themselves in Växjö. The welcome package consists of a bus card and a gift card.
How to apply
Register yourself in Växjö municipality by making a free registration report at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Then, you can apply for the welcome package at the application-form below. Remember that you can not apply with your T-number. Once you have been approved, we will contact you so that you can come by our reception at Pelarplatsen 8 to pick up your welcome package.

Apply here:
Academic Skills Centre

Want to brush up on some study skills to succeed with your tsudies? See what the Academic Skills Centre have to offer.
The Student Welfare Office

Up for some mindfulness, yoga, lunch meditation, bootcamp or stress management? Find out more!