It is always the right time to invest in new measurement technology - If such can be found
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Measuring moisture at an early stage can reduce energy usage and improve runnability.
Dryer steam use constitutes up to 80% of the energy used in paper making and a 1% reduction in moisture before the sheet enters the Drying Section can reduce energy consumption in the Dryer Section by some 4%.
The Sensorik “SensoWeb Moist” sensor facilitates the earliest possible moisture measurements, starting right after the Forming Section, continuing all the way down to the Reeler, even in harsh and polluted environments.
With "SensoWeb Moist” Sensorik Austria offers an inline fibre-optic moisture measurement device for rough industrial applications which can be installed nearly everywhere along a paper machine. The sensor integrates the long-term experience of the company in fibre optic technology and electronics developments. Technically the SensoWeb Moist”is a multi-spectral NIR (near infrared) sensor, working in the NIR range of 1100 to 2000 nm.
A few examples of typical locations
Tail Threading                      Press Section                Size Press
Why Sensorik “SensoWeb Moist” can be placed anywhere – a simple, reliable solution
- optimisation of the press
- control of the sheet dry content prior to the drying group
- control of the moisture content of the transfer tail
- optimisation of vacuum parameters

No vital parts close to web
The sensor is located well awayfrom the measuring point, up to 25 meters with FOC. Working Condition up to 200 degrees C..
Easy to mount in small space
Mounting frame
Z-bracket for cantilever
with integrated cooling plus air flushing of sensor
Moisture measurements on Tissue machines can achieve:
• Increased production
• Optimized dryness before Yankee dryer
• Reduced drying-energy
• Improved runnability
• Reduced sheet-breaks
Possible location of measuring points on
the Shoe Press of a DCT Machine

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