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A new semester starts, and for some of you perhaps at a new university, in a new city and a country? Anywaywe hope you will have a great time at Linnaeus University! 

The Linnaeus Union is the one and only student union at LNU, and we represent all students no matter where they come from, what they study or at what level.  So yes, we are here for you too!

We work with educational quality and student social matters, such as events, accommodation, member benefits and discounts, just to name a few. In practical terms it means that you can contact us with questions or problems related to your studies or student life. We can help you get in touch with the right people at LNU, with various student organizations or have our student and PhD ombudsmen help if you have any serious issues.  

With this newsletter we want to keep you informed of current events and important stuff that will make your life as a PhD student even better!
New web pages for PhD students
During the summer we have added three new sections to our website, specifically targeted to PhD students. The first one contains general information, the second one has additional information for those who are employed at LNU and the third one has extra information for international PhD students. 

It is still a work in progress though, and we still lack information about things like insurances, but please let us know what you think,  if you feel there is information lacking or find problems or inaccuracies.
New in Växjö?
In cooperation with Växjö municipality, the Linnaeus Union offers a welcome package to those who register themselves in Växjö. The welcome package consists of a bus card and a gift card worth approximately 1000 SEK.

Register yourself in Växjö municipality by making a free registration report at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Then, you can apply for the welcome package at the application-form below. Once you have been approved, we will contact you so that you can come by our reception to pick it up.

Make your application at:
Join us!

Our work is only made possible by student joining us, and the more members we have the more influence we have. So if you think student influence is important, want to take part in vibrant student life, fun events and student discounts you should definitely join!

Becoming a member only cost 175 SEK per semester or 300 SEK for a whole year. Find out more about membership here and do not forget to download Hitract to get your membership card.
Housing agency

Did you know that we have our own housing agency where you will find ads posted by individuals instead of companies?
It is also perfect for anyone going who wants to sublet their apartment while doing internship or being abroad.
Job openings

Find jobs posted by companies, authorities and associations at our new job listing site. Find a job over the summer, an extra job alongside your studies or your dream job after graduation. You can also search for available internships.

And do not forget to download the Hitract app to get matched with companies based on your education and interests!
Course literature grant

The Linnaeu Union course literature grant is awarded once a month and is SEK 500. To apply for it, write a motivation about why you should win. You motivate with a maximum of 50 words. The winner is presented with motivation, name and picture on our Instagram.

For conditions and how to apply please go to
We have moved

In Växjö. the Linnaeus Union has moved and our brand new office is now in house F with our entrance just opposite the University Library entrance.

This means we are more visible and accessible than before, and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Finish on Time
Åsa Burman’s The Doctoral Student Handbook: Master Effectiveness. Reduce Stress. Finish on Time will cost you 250 SEK if you buy it from us. The title pretty much lets you know what it is about.

It´s also available in Swedish as Bli klar i tid och må bra på vägen : handbok för doktorander

Get it at our office in Kalmar or Växjö after checking our opening hours on Facebook.

How to be Swedish

How to be Swedish: A Quick Guide to Swedishness - in 55 Steps by former LNU exchange student Matthias Kamann really lets you go native and blend in with the Swedes. 

The perfect gift for anyone wanting to learn about our odd ways and wierd traditions!  

Price for members: 130 SEK
Price for non-members: 170 SEK
Want to improve things?
If you are interested in becoming a PhD representative at a university bodys, then check out the registers at to see if there are any free spots that are relevant to you or contact us at!

Please note that for most bodies the working language is Swedish.
Need to talk to us?
Facebook: Linnékåren Ordförande
Responsible for social matters
Facebook: Studiesocial Kalmar

Responsible for social matters
Facebook: Studiesocial Växjö
Responsible for educational
matters Kalmar
Facebook: Utbildningsbevakare Kalmar

Responsible for educational
matters Växjö
Facebook: Utbildningsbevakare Växjö
How to Succeed With Your Studies
Good study habits are essential for academic success. These lectures provide guidance in planning your studies, effective reading strategies, academic writing and stress management.
The lectures will be streamed online and given by the Academic Skills Center in association with the Student Welfare Office and the Linnaeus Union.

Find out more about the lectures that are offered in English or Swedish starting week 38! 
Professional counselling
The Student Welfare Office offers professional counselling free of charge, online or in person, for anyone who needs help and support with their well-being.
Research Support

The University Library offers support to researchers and doctoral students in matters regarding scholarly publishing, bibliometrics, research data, information searching for systematic reviews, and reference management. Their aim is to provide services that are relevant throughout the entire research process.

The University Library regularly organises seminars, lectures, and workshops within the field of scholarly communication.

Find out more
Did you know ...?

As a university staff member you can get reserved books and interlibrary loans from the University Library sent to your office post box with the internal post.

Contact the University Library for more details.