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Researchers, teachers, and students on life after the pandemic
The pandemic still affects people around the world, but as restrictions are lifted, there are new challenges. At Karolinska Institutet, teachers are faced with hybrid teaching, researchers will return to previous research and students will find their way back to routines on campus. Here, they talk about the time before and during the pandemic and after restrictions were lifted.

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Apply to work at the welcome ceremony for new students in August
Do you want a fun and short-term extra job? Apply to be the presenter or join the student panel and answer questions about studies at KI during the welcome ceremony. You will get to know other students from programs other than yours and be an important part of the introduction to KI. 

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Master's webinar: Effective Peer Review
May 19th at 10:00 - 12:00

As part of the examination for your Master’s thesis, you will be asked to give feedback on one (or more) of your fellow students’ theses. During this webinar, you will receive advice on how to give precise and helpful feedback to your peers, and you will have the chance to practice doing so.
    Recruitment process what to expect: CV, cover letter, and job interviews
    May 24 at 14:00 - 15:00

    Get tips and tricks to improve your chances of success in the job interview process. This workshop will be run by experienced Recruiters from Novo Nordisk and will aim to give you the tips and tricks needed to improve your chances of going further in the job application process.

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    Interested in a career abroad? Visit GoinGlobal!
    GoinGlobal is an international job search tool where you as a student at KI get access to career guides, job announcements, internships, and updated content on country-specific issues such as work permits, visa rules, salary levels, and much more!

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