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Switch to Sweden survey 

Switch to Sweden is a national Vinnova funded project with the purpose to increase life and career opportunities for international master's students, researchers, and PhDs in Sweden.

They are currently conducting a needs assessment and would need your help. 

If you are an international bachelor's or master's student studying in Sweden, please take the time to share your insights!

Take the Switch to Sweden survey
Apply for MFS-scholarship

Are you planning to do your degree project abroad during the autumn semester 2022 and want to deepen your knowledge of global development issues? Take the opportunity to participate in Minor Field Studies (MFS) and receive a scholarship for your field studies in a low- or middle-income country.

Note that the MFS programme is open to citizens from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Swedish permanent residency (PUT) holders. The application deadline is 15 August.

Read more about the conditions for MFS and how to apply
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KIB Master's webinars
3 May - Writing Science for the Public
10 May - Giving Oral Presentations

This is a webinar series designed to help students enrolled in the Global Master's programs at KI get the most out of their studies. The series addresses a variety of topics related to academic communication, from writing to oral presentations. You may choose to attend all sessions or just a few. The webinars are free, but you need to register in order to attend.

Register for the webinar on 3 May
Register for the webinar on 10 May
Academic freedom seminar
12 May, at 15:00 - 17:30
Campus Flemingsberg

Join us for a comprehensive hybrid seminar on internationalization, academic freedom, and institutional autonomy in times of war, conflicts, and democratic decline.

Two panels with academics will discuss how academic freedom is understood across the world, and how we reflect and react on “science sanctions” while at the same time safeguarding academic freedom, institutional autonomy, international networks, and supporting those victimized by war and conflict.
Read about the seminar and register
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Improve your CV!
A good application is the key to your dream job. KI offers current students to have your CV, personal letter, or LinkedIn profile reviewed by job experts at the company Go Monday.

The offer is limited and only applies to KI students.

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