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Support for students concerning current developments
In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, KI wants to show its support for the students and staff who might be feeling anxious about developments. Students can contact the Student Health Centre or their study counsellor. KI has also gathered comments, information and resources on the page The situation in Ukraine. 
Comment from the KI president on the situation in Ukraine
"As the representative of one of the world’s leading medical universities I strongly denounce the military attack now launched by Russia. This act of Russian aggression occurs just as the world has started to emerge from the greatest global health crisis of modern times. If the war in Ukraine escalates, it will lead to a new health crisis."

Read the full comment from the KI president
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Seminar on public speaking anxiety
Do you find it difficult to give oral presentations or to speak up in front of a group? Learn more about daring to speak and overcoming your nervousness and fears in this lunch seminar given by the Student Health Centre. The seminar will cover theory as well as practical tips. The seminar will take place online at noon on 9 March.

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    KIB Master's webinar: Writing Clearly
    To communicate your research to others, your writing needs to be clear and well-structured. This applies not just to the overall structure of your text; it also applies to your sentences. In this webinar, you will learn hands-on tips and techniques for writing the kind of clear, concise and well-structured English-language sentences that will help you both succeed in your studies and effectively communicate your research. The webinar is on 17 March. 

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    This week's tip
    Get a free CV review! 
    A good application is the key to your dream job. KI offers current students to have your CV, personal letter, or LinkedIn profile reviewed by job experts at the company Go Monday.
    You can only select one of the following to upload: CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile. You will receive individual feedback on your submission of choice. The feedback is given in writing.
    Have your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile reviewed by job experts