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New co-working environment opens at Campus Flemingsberg
A Working Lab is expanding its activity with a new hub for co-working and shared laboratory environments at Alfred Nobels Allé 10, which is scheduled to open in the spring of 2022. Students, researchers and university employees will be able to meet here and find ways to collaborate and innovate within the field of life science.
Several burglaries and thefts on Campus Solna
KI have had problems with burglaries and thefts. In recent times, there have been several burglaries on Campus Solna. We therefore want to remind you what we as employees and students can think of, to prevent burglary, vandalism and theft.
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A word from the Academic Vice President of Higher Education Annika Östman Wernerson
Last week, most of the measures established during the pandemic was removed, and it is with great pleasure that I look forward to a spring semester with more meetings and  social gatherings on campus.

As we now gradually return to campus, we will take advantage of the benefits of working digitally. It is the teacher and course coordinator who are best suited to decide the form of teaching for achieving high quality learning and they have my full confidence. Follow-up will take place in dialogue with you students and in course evaluations as your opinions matter a great deal when evaluating the education.

Regardless of the teaching form, the lifted restrictions mean a greater opportunity to meet on campus. As President Ole Petter Ottersen wrote in his blog: a university is a meeting place. And I can only agree. I look forward to meeting you on campus!
Career workshop: LinkedIn, CV and motivation letter hard and soft skills
In this workshop on February 24 at 5 pm, you will receive advice on how to write an effective CV and why you should tailor it to a specific job opening. The workshop will also cover important updates to your LinkedIn profile. You will also be empowered with skills on how to write an appealing cover letter.

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    Lunch with the Student Health Centre: Seminar on Sleep
    On February 23 at noon the Student Health Centre will give a seminar where you will learn strategies on how to improve your sleep and practical tools to enhance recovery. The seminar will also touch upon how to cope with darkness in order to stay active and energized during the dark winter period.

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