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Curious about exchange? Check this out!

We have set up a brand-new blog where KI-students will be blogging about their exchange experiences. One of our bloggers will be writing in English giving insights to preparations and planning as well as sharing experiences from the exchange.  

Life as an exchange student
Here is why students choose Karolinska Institutet
Do you want to know why your fellow students chose KI? Every other year, a survey is conducted where new students at KI answer questions about, among other things, why they chose to study at KI and how they found information about the education.

Why students choose to study at KI
This you don´t want to miss:
KIB Master's webinar: Finding Scientific Resources for Your Master’s Thesis
To write your Master’s thesis, you need to know how to find credible scientific sources relevant to your project. During this webinar, you will learn the principles and techniques required for searching databases efficiently in order to find the articles you need.

26 January 16:30-17:30

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KIB Master's webinar: Managing and Organising your References with Endnote Online or Zotero
Keeping track of your sources and formatting them correctly are central aspects of writing your Master’s thesis. Reference management programs can help you collect, format and organise your sources. During this webinar, you will learn how to use either Endnote Online or Zotero.

3 February 16:30-17:30

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This week's tip
Student life at KI

On the student blogs, KI-students blog about their lives in Stockholm and at KI. They also share lots of tips that can be useful for current KI-students. Here are some examples: