OxTube – device dissolving gases into water
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Improve your water management with New State of The Art Technology
Finnish company SansOx’s commitment is to develop new solutions and innovative applications for water treatment needs worldwide. Sansox provide snew technology and applications for different kinds of water. In other words, SansOx solutions help you to improve the quality of your water. Whether it is treating potable water or wastewater or water in natural water system.
Keep the H2S odor away and increase the DO in discharge water

The forming of hydrogen suphate (H2S) can be prevented by keeping the dissolved oxygen (DO) level at certain in the wastewater. Instead bringing water from surface to bottom or vice versa, SansOx’s OxTube can be installed to pipeline and dissolve air or compressed air into water. Other possibility is to install ClariOx, that consist of OxTube, pump (either submergible or centrifugal) and hoses or pipes, to the pond and area where there is a need for extra DO.
The solution was verified with one pulp and paper factory in Finland, and water from the end of balancing (reserve) pool. Water was pumped from the pool to small tank through OxTube. As can be seen from the results below, H2S existed in the water and just after aeration started, it started to be stripped from the water fast. The DO increased fast but COD started to consume it right after the aeration was stopped and after some time H2S started to form again.
Figure: x-axis is time in minutes from the
beginning of aeration. Green area is when water was treated with OXtube. The second measurements were done at levelling pool. At the levelling pool measuring, the COD decreased from 5200 mg/L to 1700 mg/L.
OxTube – device dissolving gases into water
To prevent the forming of H2S, SansOx has developed a solution called OxTube, a pipe like device that dissolves gases (air etc.) into water and this way keeps the dissolved oxygen amount in so high level that H2S cannot form.

increase DO in discharge water

OxTube could also be used in increasing the DO in the discharge water before it enters the natural waters. OxTube could be installed in the end of the discharge pipeline and without external energy, only using energy from water flow, the water’s DO could be increased to saturation. This will naturally make the water in the natural water system better and cleaner.
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