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They want to make course literature accessible to all
With a tight student budget, buying course literature can feel tough. The student association STRÄVA works, among other things, to ensure that everyone has access to course literature and they are involved in the project KI students' book donation.
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"This year's laureates unlocked one of nature's secrets"
The 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology was awarded to Ardem Patapoutian and David Julius who discovered how we can feel an icy wind, a hot plate or a hug.

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This you don´t want to miss:
Lunch with the Student Health Centre: Seminar on sleep
On 20 October, the Student Health Centre invites you to an online seminar where you will learn strategies on how to improve your sleep and practical tools to enhance recovery, and how to cope with darkness in order to stay active and energized during the dark winter period.

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Get the job with a perfect application! 
KI offers you the chance to have your CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile reviewed by experts. First come, first served. Register via the link below. You will receive further instructions after registration. 

Online review of CV, cover letter, or Linkedin

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This week's tip
Learn tricks to make your online studying more successful with the help of GO Students!
Mixed forms of learning are here to stay and it is important to develop healthy strategies to guide your digital learning. In this digital toolbox, GO Students, you will find useful tips, aids, and guidelines that can support you to more successfully navigate online learning.

Take the chance to try eye yoga to avoid "Zoom fatigue" or get tips on how to stay focused, and much more!

Use the digital toolbox: GO Students