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Watch our Introduction Ceremony! 
Take the opportunity to watch our Introduction ceremony again (or for the first time if you missed it). We highly recommend it! In the ceremony you get to meet the university management of KI, learn about the services available to you as students at KI, and meet the student unions as well as current KI students who will share their best tips for your upcoming time at KI. 

KI:s Introduction Ceremony
The University Library has a new website
The University Library has a new website
On 23 August, the library's new website was launched. Please take a look around and leave feedback! And a big thanks to all the students that helped along the way, it's been very interesting to hear about how you use the web site. 

Karolinska Institutet University Library
This you don´t want to miss:
Lunch with the Student Health Centre
Learn more about stress management, mindfulness, public speaking and much more. Check out the Student Health Centre’s website for information about their lunch seminars this fall term.

The website of the Student Health Centre
The library's workshops for students
The fall term schedule for workshops is now open for registration on the library's website. How about learning how to find scientific sources, academic writing, writing references, among many other topics? See the schedule and register now, limited number of places.

The University Library's calendar
More interesting events: 
A word from the Academic Vice President of Higher Education Annika Östman Wernerson
Barely two weeks have passed since a new semester started and I hope that you all got off to a good start. After more than a year of distance learning, it is fantastic to finally welcome both new and returning students back to campus again. Some theoretical teaching elements may continue to be given digitally, so keep an eye on your schedule to see what applies to your course. Now that we are returning more and more back to campus, it is important that we all take joint responsibility and follow the recommendations and guidelines that exists due to COVID-19.

Welcome again to a new autumn semester at KI!
This week's tips
Learn Canvas 

Learn how to use our digital learning platform by browsing through this Canvas student guide. Here you will find a mixture of instructions and videos on how to use the platform so that you can get the most out of your studies. 

The Canvas student guide
Digital tools and services