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Please get the latest news from the MADEIN membership. They all bare proof of massive creative and innovative mindsets. When the theaters are closed many artists turn to nature and site-specific surroundings in their quest to meet with their audiences. Others go digital in waiting for the doors to once again open for the theatergoers. Yet others focus on extensive plans for the future.

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- The Window Project continues!
photo: SU EN

Live performances are on pause. However creativity does not stop. SU-EN Butoh Company shares some visual and artistic material with you within the framework of The Window Project. Just a click away......

A SPRING DANCE is filmed and danced around SU-EN Butoh Company Center in Almunge (SE) with Madeleine Holmlund and Heiko Klandt. Concept, camera and edit by SU-EN. Watch the video here.

DANCE WITH SHEEP with dance, choreographic relation with sheep and edit by SU-EN and filmed by Silvio Trevizan. Watch the video here.

Find out more about SU-EN Butoh Company at
 - Streaming improvised CORONA SESSIONS every Friday

photo: Tale Hendnes

When all live performances were cancelled due to the outbreak of Covid-19, Jo Strømgren Kompani (JSK) had to rethink how to reach out to their audience. The company created CORONA SESSIONS, a series of dance films based on improvised sessions between acclaimed Norwegian dancers, actors and musicians. Every Friday since April JSK releases a new film at their Facebook page. The viewers can pay a voluntary amount, and any income will support the production and artists involved in the project.

The concept has been viewed more than 26.000 times so far, and the company continues to create new sessions. Last week Dansens Hus in Oslo (NO) opened for audience to view CORONA SESSIONS in cinema format. On 13-14 June 2020 the company went one step further and opened the stage for audience to view the improvised session live.

JSK CORONA SESSIONS is co-produced by Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO), and in collaboration with their long-time partner Millimedia. Watch the sessions here.

Find out more about Jo Strømgren Kompani at
- Presenting Pop-up performing arts festival DANCE ALL YEAR LONG

photo: Iiro Näkki, Mikko Makkonen, Atlas

Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X is busy organizing and presenting dance through DANCE ALL YEAR LONG, a project in Denmark and Finland, and starting creating a new international performance called SURVIVORS.

Pop-up performing arts festival DANCE ALL YEAR LONG in Odense (DK), will present 12 free dance performances by 3 Danish dance artists: Cecilie Kjær, Emilie Klitgaard Jungersen, and Annamaija Rolff Petersen on the streets 23-26 June 2020.

Residency activities of DANCE ALL YEAR LONG in Kokkola (FI), will continue hosting for artists again in July. 12 months long residency program is presenting 12 dance projects from local and international dance artists.

Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X will be working on his new performance called SURVIVORS in Birca - Residency Centre For Artists in Bornholm Denmark 14-21 June 2020. The performance will be a choreography for two actors and co-operation between Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X (DK) and theater company Jalostamo² (FI).

Find out more about Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X at
- Working with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra 

photo: IDC

In June, Iceland Dance Company (IDC) put on a triple-bill performance named SOCIAL DISTDANCING at Reykjavik's old cinema venue Gamla Bíó. The pieces were created during recent times of social distancing and are a collaboration between dancers from IDC and musicians from the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

In SKRÚÐUR two dancers from IDC (Halla Þórðardóttir and Þyri Huld Árnadóttir) collaborate with the Trío Wind Band (Arngunnur Árnadóttir, Björg Brjánsdóttir and Bryndís Þórsdóttir) in a synthesis of movements and sounds creating a dialogue between artists.

In SKELJAR dancer Felix Urbina Alejandre performs in an intriguing spectacle to the music of Oliver Kentish, Daníel Bjarnason and Vala Gestsdóttir in collaboration with Duo Harpverk, a musical duo comprised of Iceland Symphony Orchestra harpist, Katie Buckley, and Frank Aarnick, percussionist.

In the surprising two duets HOMMAGES. Charmene Pang from the Iceland Dance Company and Nimrod Ron from Icelandic Symphony Orchestra have been working to find a symbiotic language to interpret and pay homage to the music of Belà Kovàcs and Krzysztof Penderecki.

Learn more about Iceland Dance Company at
- A World Premiere coming up

photo:  José Figueroa

On 23 Aug 2020 Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company is hoping to meet the Stockholm audience at Parkteatern (SE) with the piece DEEP TIME for six dancers and soprano. Dance Month August in Vitabergsparken is a summer tradition where the most interesting in contemporary and classic dance is performed in the outdoors. Fingers crossed that this event will go ahead as scheduled!
And keep a look out for MONOLIT POLYGON, which is Virpi Pahkinen's largest piece to date with 26 dancers. Playing at Tanssin Aika festival in Jyväskylä (FI) on 25 Sep 2020.

On 30 Sep 2020 Virpi will perform solos with live koto music by Chieko Mori at Theater X, Tokyo, Japan. The Princess who loved insects /Biohistory is the theme of this year's edition of Theatre and Dance Festival at Theater X.
On 18 Nov 2020 the company will present the world premiere of BLACK RAINBOW at Dansens Hus in Stockholm (SE). More info soon!

Fins out more about Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company at
 - Rehearsing a new piece for outdoor venues
photo: Martin Skoog

Claire Parsons Co, is rehearsing YELLOW – a new dance piece for outdoor venues, public spaces and museums. For three performers and a yellow companion – for all ages. YELLOW will be performed this fall, around Stockholm (SE).
The company is booked for - and hopes to be touring this fall – with SOON SWOON, SIGNAL and GRASS to Uppsala, Piteå, Pajala, Luleå, Kalmar, Kristianstad (SE) and more.
A new digital film and dance experience of SOON SWOON is now available. Teachers in Stockholm can book this experience via Dansistan/Cirkusistan. and it can be requested by international producers! Claire Parsons Co is - as always - looking into innovative directions in presenting artistic work. We will be embarking on an exciting collaboration using VR and AR in the field of dance. SOON SWOON is already available - and can be booked - in VR – virtual reality – via the City of Stockholm.

Read more about Claire Parsons Co. at
- Melatonin city, Wa(l)king Copenhagen


Copenhagen is being rediscovered and reexperienced by 100 artistic views on the city in the project Wa(l)king Copenhagen by Metropolis Festival.

The festival has invited 100 artists into the project to do 100 online/onsite walks in the Copenhagen area. Jon R. Skulberg, artistic leader of Convoi Exceptionnel will, as a director, scenographer and choreographer work with spatial-somatic relationships, wander the city from the evening, through the sunset, during the night and ending after sunrise, while letting the melatonin levels in his body affect his tempo, pace, rhythm and atmosphere. You can join Jon R. Skulberg online from 15 June 2020 at 19.00 until 16 June 2020 at 7.00. Find more information here and join the event at Facebook.
Learn more about Convoi Exceptionnel at
 - New TSC Studio and residency program
photo: Tero Ahonen

TSC opened its new Homebase, the TSC Studio in March 2020. The nearly 200 square meter rehearsal studio and TSC's office are located at The Cable Factory in Helsinki. TSC Studio activities will include residencies and more information can be found here. The sound system is made possible by Genelec, a pioneer of professional and immersive audio. TSC Studio is equipped with 22 speakers and two calibration system which enables the use of immersive sound.

Learn more about Tero Saarinen Company at
- International book launch this summer!


International Contemporary Dance Collective 2018 - 2020 is launching the book PUSH: IT WILL COME LATER 30 June 2020 at 10:00 - 11:30. The book is an anthology with contributions by 18 artists and authors. The book features a collection of expressions under the subcategories International - Contemporary - Dance - Collective.

The publication reflects on the challenges of collaboration within the international landscape of contemporary dance. While not offering any ready-made solutions, the book is a multipurpose space of exchange, of describing personal experiences and of suggesting practices that could be relevant for the readers who find themselves in similar situations.

For more information on signing up for the webinar, click here.
The webinar will be streamed live on iCoDaCo's facebook page here.

Read more about IlDance/ iCoDaCo at
 - Opens a new, 600 square meter dance studio

photo. Erika Hebbert

Studio NSP is centrally located in Sandvika, near Oslo (NO). It contains two studios – one big and one small – as well as office space. Studio NSP aims to be a new hub for contemporary dance, providing professional dancers and choreographers with the opportunity to create and develop new ideas.

The lack of rehearsal space for dancers in Norway in general has been a challenge, and in January 2018 Guro Nagelhus Schia and Vebjørn Sundby took the matter into their own hands. Now the company can finally move into their new home!

- Through workshops, open rehearsals, informal performances and artist talks, we wish to open the studio to everyone interested in learning about the various processes of a professional contemporary dance company, says Artistic Director Guro Nagelhus Schia

Find out more about Nagelhus Schia Productions at
Focusing on future tours and performances
photo. Martin Skoog

The company Ingrid Olterman Dans is preparing a new production that will premiere in 2021 in collaboration with the county of Ekerö (SE). The latest work FRICTION will continue performing this fall. The company is touring three other performances in the fall of 2020: SHELTER TREES, ISLANDS and READ AND MOVE.

The company is also very excited and looking forward to the five week tour to Shanghai and Hangzhou in China with the performance ISLANDS. At the moment all parties are optimistic that the tour will take place by the end of this year.

Read more about Ingrid Olterman Dans at
- THE SOUL CATCHER is unmasking the modern predator

photo: Jens Peter Engedal

THE SOUL CATCHER tours to theatre Momentum in Odense (DK) 22-23 Sept 2020. THE SOUL CATCHER is a seductive and deeply disturbing performance about psychological abuse, manipulation and power - in a powerful mix of performance, dance, spoken word and electronic music. THE SOUL CATCHER is produced by Kassandra Production in a co-production with theatre Bora Bora. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The City of Aarhus, Knud Højgaards Fond and DMF - Danish Musicians’ Union.

Learn more about Kassandra at
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