The key to success is knowledge – with more knowledge about requirements – the less mistakes there will be.
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Lars-Eric Ellow gives his view on why knowledge matters in GMP and QMS
How I see it
Even though we all have challenges during this pandemic situation we strongly believe in our mission and you can rest assure we plan for future training events together with you when we are on the other side of this. In the mean time I still want to share some thoughts below - stay safe and wash your hands!

Working with training, it is important to be attentive! What’s going on in the industry right now and what are the training needs out there? We want to know about the challenges and the things our clients face when it comes to quality systems.

A common theme for our courses is that the course also must be of high quality with competent and knowledgeable trainers with a good sense of how to convey a sometimes complex topic, but another aspect for us is also that the trainers really appreciate being with us. That really is a benefit with our Certified Trainers Network, to give and receive, and to build up a loyalty.
They are part of a network where we share ideas, tips and experiences, receives a good and relevant compensation for their service and they can enjoy both external and internal continued professional development, such as train-the-trainer sessions.
- With 40 free-lancing trainers in the network, there is a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share! 
To be attentive is also to look for new competent and skilled trainers for course topics needed in the industry. This is a constant process and it is a very important tool in our mission to deliver crucial and invaluable knowledge to our customers.

That’s why Knowledge matters.
My big why
I have always loved the networking part of my job, to find ideas and to build up and share my network. I meet people within our industry in different situations, start to talk and very often there are connections, someone knows someone that knows someone. This network is a fantastic platform to work from and open up possibilities to build business but also to learn from each other for the benefit of all parties. I love being the facilitator making unique knowledge available!
Did you know?
We always look for trainers to add to our network! Have you recently participated in a presentation or a course with a really sharp or fascinating trainer? Or maybe you have a very specific skill or knowledge you want to share?
Contact us and we’ll talk about it!

Send me a message!
Lars-Eric Ellow
General Manager
How you can get it
Regular breakfast and after-work meetings when the circumstances permit
We also want to share things with our customers of course. We will do this through breakfast meetings and after-work sessions for free. Due to the current Corona, this will be offered when things are back to normal again but look out for it on our website!
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