Currently all of our events this spring are scheduled to take place as planned
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Dear Compliance friend!
As you know, we are all facing challenges as corona virus/COVID-19 continues to spread. The health of our course participants and course leaders is of highest priority for us at Key2Compliance®.
Currently all of our events this spring are scheduled to take place as planned.To facilitate this in the light of the current situation we have now explored and prepared for several different options so that you can participate without travel and in a safe way. This also fits current policies related to conferences, meetings and gatherings. You will be able to participate remotely/online through live streaming.

We strongly believe that Knowledge matters, even in the current situation. Necessary learning can continue as planned for already registered and potential course participants.
For those of you that are already registered, you will receive information in the coming weeks about the practicalities for your specific course. If you are considering to register on a specific course, we will inform you both through our website and in confirmation communication about the different solutions for the specific course you are interested in. We will update information as the situation develops and when things are back to normal, our Compliance Seminars® will be held the way you are used to.
Stay assured that we remain devoted to our task – to make sure that you can receive training and information even in times of restricted travel and general precautions. Knowledge matters.