The key to success is knowledge – with more knowledge about requirements – the less mistakes there will be.
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Layla Hohn gives her view on why knowledge matters in GMP and QS
How I see it
When you attend our courses, you should have an overall great experience! To achieve that, we work hard to ensure that the content is relevant and of high quality, that the lecturers are competent and have the right knowledge, but we also strive for everything around it to work smoothly.

A lot of effort has been put in on finding a suitable venue for the purpose, that it is close to the airport, that the food is good, that the technology is optimal, etc. All for the overall experience for you as a customer to be optimal.
We are constantly working to become even better. Such as we are also looking for new places for our courses in other countries, to make sure that our course facilities are easy to access. We are constantly looking at new premises that better match our wishes.
The key to success is knowledge – with more knowledge about requirements – the less mistakes there will be.
When attending a training course or seminar, a large part of the benefit for you is meeting and networking with other participants. Since the importance of knowledge is a guiding principle for us, we want to help create areas for networking and knowledge exchange and that you as our customers should be given the opportunity to learn from each other. Knowledge matters also lays in the practical stuff!

We are always on hand to assist if you as a customer need help with anything or have any questions. So, come to us with your questions and wishes!

That’s why Knowledge matters.
My big why
For me, it is important that we maintain high quality and provide high level service so that our customers receive the support they need to be able to absorb the complex subjects that our courses often contain.
Did you know?
We collaborate with different hotels and hotel chains. Contact us for better price as you attend our courses. Booking with booking code from us means no prior payment and free cancellation up to 24 h before arrival.

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Layla Hohn
Training coordinator
How you can get it
Industriens Hus in Copenhagen
Compliance Seminars®
Is our trademark for public courses which have been offered since the mid-90's. Up to now Copenhagen has been our major hub and we are proud to from 2020 be a member in the Confederation of Danish Industry and as such be able to offer a brand new training facility in the heart of Copenhagen - just a stone throw away from the famous City Hall.
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