- Taking Pippi Longstocking to the Circus!

photo: Mats Bäcker

Cirkus Cirkör will be a part of the show PIPPI AT THE CIRCUS at Circus in Stockholm (SE). It is a collaboration between Cirkus, Astrid Lindgren AB and Cirkus Cirkör. The partners are celebrating Pippi Långstrump's 75th anniversary by putting together a fun, musical circus performance. Björn Ulvaeus is the producer together with Tilde Björfors, artistic director of Cirkus Cirkör. Tilde Björfors and Maria Blom will direct. Björn Ulvaeus is writing the song lyrics to previously released instrumental music by Benny Andersson and others. Björfors, Blom and Ulvaeus have written the script together. PIPPI AT THE CIRCUS premieres on 26 June 2020 and is played all summer.

In the spring of 2020 the tour with BLOOM continues: 22-26 Jan 2019 Aleksanterin teatteri, Helsingfors (FI), 7-8 Feb 2019 Vallentuna Teater, VAllentuna (SE), 12-13 Feb 2019 Berga teater Åkersberga (SE), 13 Feb 2019 Dieselverkstan Nacka (SE), 9 Mar 2019 Växjö Teater, Växjö (SE), 3-13 Apr 2019 Artipelag, Gustavsberg (SE), 17-19 Apr 2019 Uppsala Stadsteater, Uppsala (SE), 29 Apr– 3 May 2019 Circusstad, Rotterdam (NL), 7 Maj – 7 Jun 2019 Södra Teatern (SE).
 - LOHENGRIN DREAMS premieres at The Norrlands Opera (SE) in November
photo: Mats Bäcker

Charlotte Engelkes continues her exploration of the opera world by Richard Wagner - playful, dead serious and totally bonkers. After the success with MISS VERY WAGNER and SIEGFRIED – THE VERY WAGNER HERO HOUR it’s time for LOHENGRIN DREAMS – a piece about standing up for your dreams.

With three dancers, two acrobats and one opera singer, Engelkes presents her latest epic performance. LOHENGRIN DREAMS deals with the struggle between belief and doubt, fairytale and sink realism, wrapped in wondrous and quaint esthetics, to new written music and Wagner. Will the swanborne hero ever show up? And from where? Could popping the question rather connect us than separate us?

Get the answers in LOHENGRIN DREAMS, Swedish premier 23-24 Nov 2019 in Norrlandsoperan Umeå, Dansens hus Stockholm (SE) 27-28 Nov 2019. Dancenet Sweden tour Feb 2020, German premiere at Radial System, Berlin 29 Feb and 1 March 2020.
- Celebrating 30 years as a choreographer with the exhibition My dancing life

photo: Håkan Jelk

Helena Franzén celebrates 30 years as a choreographer and shares her artistry and celebrates this anniversary with an exhibition at the Museum of Dance in Stockholm (SE) 10 Dec 2019-2 feb 2020.

My dancing life includes excerpts from Helena's repertoire, which consists of no less than 80 scenic works, scenic objects, photographs, newly written texts, music from performances and costumes. In addition, conversations and interviews with prominent profiles from the dance field. The exhibition shows excerpts from previous works that are also danced live on Fridays and Saturdays at 1 p.m. during the entire exhibition period. This is a unique opportunity to see Helena Franzén's work. Read more here.

From the program:
Fridays and Saturdays in December and January: Dance performances in the exhibition.
16 Jan 2020: Lilla Klubben "It makes me sway". Helena Franzén in a talk about her artistry and work.
6 Feb-9 Feb 2020: HERE-US-NOW. The exhibition culminates with a brand new work, HERE-US-NOW. The work consists of longer parts from Helena's solid repertoire.

Find out more about Helena Franzén at
 - Norwegian tour with NOTES ON FRAILTY

photo. Tale Hendnes

NOTES ON FRAILTY continues to tour! On 6 Nov 2019 the performance opened the dance festival Dansefestival Barents in Hammerfest. 27 Nov 2019 it will be presented at the Culture House in Tromsø and 30 Nov 2019 at NordlandTeater, Mo i Rana. More information about upcoming tours and activity here.

The new piece UNCOORDINATED DOG recently premiered at Dansens Hus in Oslo (NO) - the National Stage for Dance in Norway. The work features eight distinctive dancers from different generations, and new music by renowned composer and musician Geir Jenssen/Biosphere. 

"Several of the dancers in the show (including TorunnRobstad and Marius Kjos) also danced with Bjørnsgaard in the 90s. Here, they meet younger dancers in a complex generational crash that culminates in playful dancing with a red walker. (...) The effect is striking - all at once it oozes poetry and beauty."
- Maren Ørstavik, Aftenposten (NO)

Read more about Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt at
New work premieres at Dansens Hus in Oslo in January
photo: Antero Hein

The creation process of WHEN MONDAY CAME has now moved to Oslo, where artistic director Ina Christel Johannessen together with the 6 dancers and 1 musician, in addition to the rest of the artistic team, now are “full on” for the next 2,5 months prior to the premiere ultimo January 2020.

WHEN MONDAY CAME is no.2 in zvc`s ongoing trilogy which has human conditions in regards to the global climate changes, as it´s turning point. The overall theme in this piece is the global wild fires - which are having a huge impact on the ecology in the world right now. What happens to people when their environment burns down? Is fire merely destructive? Or can it propose new beginnings? Who or What is Monday? Just another day? Or, The name of a child – hence the future?

WHEN MONDAY CAME will premiere 30 Jan 2020 at House of Dance, Oslo (NO).

Find out more about zero visibility corp. at
- Presenting a Christmas spectacular at the Oslo Opera House

photo: Erik Berg

winter guests is gearing up for their annual Christmas spectacular JINGLE HORSE! Back for its fourth season at the Oslo Opera House (NO) – this bombastic, heartfelt and truly enjoyable show features both winter guests actors and Norwegian National Ballet dancers. Don't miss this as a great start to the holiday season! Running 6-13 Dec 2019.

Simultaneously, Alan Lucien Øyen has been spending the autumn in Antwerp in rehearsals for RUSALKA. He is honored to be directing this legendary tale for Opera Vlaanderen (BE). Along with extremely talented vocalists it also features dance as a central focus. Premiering 12 Dec 2019 it plays in both Antwerp and Ghent through 23 Jan 2020.

Read more about Alan Lucien Øyen and winter guests at
- Nordic tour in spring 2020 for OPEN YOUR HEART

photo: Morten Arnfred

OPEN YOUR HEART is a disco dance performance created by Taneli Törmä for Norwegian dancer Hilde I. Sandvold, that researches and questions the chore of dancing. The performance looks into different situations and how they support or prevents us in the act of dancing. With the help of a group of children OPEN YOUR HEART will search for the joy of moving – dance like a child again. In the Nordic tour in Spring 2020 OPEN YOUR HEART will visit Aarhus (DK), Oulu (FI), Kuopio (FI) and Vara (SE). 

Shows in November 2019:
14-15 Nov 2019 Teater Momentum, Odense (DK).

Learn more about Taneli Törmä / LOCATION X at
- On tour with THE CANTEEN and 
a new international network
photo: Håkan Larsson

The work THE CANTEEN by choreographer Björn Säfsten is presented in Denmark, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden Oct 22 - Dec 6 2019 as part of BODY OF CURIOSITY - a collaboration between four Nordic and Baltic countries in the field of dance performances for children and young people. The project aims to create possibilities for in-depth research and contextualization surrounding presenting choreographic work for children and young people on tour. This initial tour and its surrounding activities will lay a foundation for the shaping of a dynamic partner network. The new network will collect and share methods and knowledge about how to prolong the experiences of the young audience.

The network partners in the project are Dansehallerne (DK), Association Fish Eye Production (LT), Annantalo (FI), Regionteater Väst (SE). Implementing partners are Nordberg Movement (SE), Lene Bang Org.(DK) and Säfsten Production (SE). The idea for this project was originally initiated by Säfsten Production. For more details about partners and sponsors - please read here.

THE CANTEEN will be presented at Skärholmen Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm (SE) 5-8 Dec 2019. Please contact the company for more information and complimentary tickets.

Find out more about Björn Säfsten at
Read more about Regionteater Väst at 
 - Touring with SIGNAL and MARMELADE
photo: Martin Skoog

SIGNAL – for audiences from 5 years and up and families – will be performing at Gottsunda Dance and Theater in Uppsala (SE) 14-16 Nov 2019 and at Kulturhuset Kungsängen in Upplands-Bro (SE) 22-23 Nov 2019. SIGNAL is a participatory work of art where the child and the adult with the performers create and move the performance forwards – together.

"An interactive gesamtkunstverk with the audience in the main role." Svenska Dagbladet (SE)

MARMALADE will perform at Dansens Hus in Oslo (NO) presenting 12 shows for audiences from 2 and up 4-8 Dec 2019. MARMALADE will also be presented in VR format – Virtual reality – at hospitals during the same week as it is presented live at Dansens Hus. For families wanting to experience MARMALADE VR they can do so during Dansens Hus Family Day 7 Dec 2019.

Read more about Claire Parsons Co. at
 - Performing SNOW at The Museum of dance in Stockholm (SE)

photo: Su En Butoh Company

During November SU-EN will appear in various contexts at Dansmuseet (the Museum of dance) in Stockholm (SE). 19-24 Nov 2019 the film IKI – KARMA with SU-EN and Junichi Kakizaki will be shown nonstop during museum opening hours and on 21–22 Nov 2019 the performance SNOW will be shown at the museum; choreography and dance by SU-EN, with kantele music by Kirsten Holm. Also video screening of traditional Japanees dance Jiuta-mai in the film the film YUKI (snow).

On 7 Dec 2019, SU-EN Butoh Company and The Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala will arrange an inspirational art walk and dance event in the Tropical Greenhouse in Uppsala. Read more here. For more information - please contact the company.

Find out more about SU-EN Butoh Company at
 - Presenting 3 productions on tour winter/spring 2020
photo: Helge Hansen

Carte Blanche – Norway's national contemporary dance company meets the renowned choreographer Lia Rodrigues in the production NOROROCA. This exciting cultural exchange between Brazil and the Nordics is based on her 2009 work POROROCA, which takes its name from a powerful tidal phenomenon where the ocean meets the Amazon River. World premiere 23 Jan 2020 in Bergen.

For the winter and spring season Carte Blanche will tour the following pieces:
NOROROCA - world premiere: 23 -31 Jan & 1 Feb 2020 Studio Bergen, Bergen (NO), 11 – 14 Mar 2020 The Norwegian Opera and Ballet,Oslo (NO), 18 – 21 Mar 2020 Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris (FR), 24 Mar 2020 Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry-sur-Seine (FR).
SOUFFLETTE7-8 Feb 2020 Teatro Central, Seville (ES), 1 Apr 2020 Opéra de Dijon, Dijon (FR).
ØY - world premiere: 6-7 Mar 2020 Kode 2, Bergen (NO).

Find out more about Carte Blanche at
The company's live music creations take over Asia and Europe this fall
photo: Sakari Viika

Tero Saarinen Company has toured extensively after moving to its new space at the Cable Factory in June. This season's 18 performances of choreographer Saarinen's works reached 14 000 spectators in Bruges, Brussels, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Seoul, St. Petersburg, Stuttgart, and Yokohama. The three critically acclaimed creations presented this fall, BREATH, ZIMMERMANN TRIO and VORTEX differ much in style and form but all feature live music in a pivotal role. Read more about the works here.

"Like a magnificent ink-and-water painting of abstract expressionism --- Powerful energy" - JOONGANG DAILY NEWS (KR) of VORTEX

"A breathtaking spectacle of light and shadow, music and sound, physical expression and dance" - LUDWIGSBURGER KRESIZEITUNG (DE) of BREATH

Learn more about Tero Saarinen Company at
 - Touring SALVE REGINA in South America 2020

photo: Erik Berg

SALVE REGINA is a co-production with Oslo Dance Ensemble, premiered at Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO) in 2017. Since then it has received great reviews from Norwegian and Swiss critics. «Beautiful», «sensitive», «elegant», «powerful», «humorous» and «exceptionally rich» are some of the words used by the critics to describe the performance. The title refers to the Maria hymn, which for hundreds of years has given hope and comfort for those who need it. An imaginative time travel through anchoring and agitation, power and impotence, feudalism and individualism again. And with a lot of humor too. Next year SALVE REGINA will continue on a large South America tour to Panama and Colombia in March.

In December, Jo Strømgren Kompani will also premiere their new children’s’ production THE TIRED MAN at Showbox festival in Oslo (NO). Take a look at the company’s website for a full list of available productions here.

Find out more about Jo Strømgren Kompani at

photo: Kinga Michalska

RADIO III / ᎦᏬᏂᏍᎩ ᏦᎢ is presented 24 Nov 2019 at Left of Main in Vancouver (CA) by plastic orchid factory.

RADIO III is the first collaboration between Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Zoë Poluch and Elisa Harkins. It is an indigenous futuristic concert, a beautiful and uncomfortable dance performance and a perverse triangle of shifting power that seeks to be unfaithful to both minimalism and postmodern dance’s claims to so-called “neutrality”. As we live, layer and situate form in our bodies we hurtle through past, present and possible futures. You are invited into a supportive co-existence, separate but aligned, an anthem for xenophilia, a complicit dream, a consensual prophecy. The work opened at MAI in Montréal 3 June 2019.
Read more here. Watch a trailer
 - Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Zoë Poluch

photo: Samlingen

Samlingen will participate during MDT's festival A Fine(al) Selection(?) in Stockholm (SE) 7-8 Dec 2019 with a site specific act in the glass veranda of the theater. At Nordwind festival in Kampnagel in Hamburg (DE) 12-13 Dec 2019, they will organize a two day workshop culminating in a public presentation on the subjective dance history of Hamburg, as told through the workshops participants.

Samlingen is a Swedish word meaning the collection/the assembly. Samlingen is Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir and Zoë Poluch. Samlingen has worked together with the Cullberg Ballet at the Dance museum, as keynote speakers at the POSTDANCE conference at MDT and Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern in Stockholm (SE), at the Works at Work festival in Copenhagen (DK) and at Riksteatern / The Swedish National Touring Theatre. Read more about Samlingen here.
- On tour with Dancenet Sweden in February

photo: Malin Arnesson

Art of Spectra is touring with Dancenet Sweden with their new work TENSION in February 2020.

Tour Dates Sweden:
6 Feb 2019 Falkhallen, Falkenberg (SE), 9 Feb 2019 Studio Acusticum, Piteå (SE), 11 Feb 2019 Kulturens Hus, Luleå (SE), 13 Feb 2019 Sagateatern, Linköping (SE), 18 Feb 2019 Västerås Concert house, Västerås (SE), 20 Feb 2019 Stora Teatern, Gothenburg (SE), 25 Feb 2019 Vara Concert house, Vara (SE).

International touring:
2 May 2020 at Dance City in Newcastle (UK), 7 Jun 2020 Klubzak/ Gdansk dance festival, Gdansk (PL).

Art of Spectra is part of the new platform DANSAKADEMIN - a new platform that will stimulate new choreography for children and young people through artistic labs, seminars, open meetings, etc. It is a one-year collaboration between the City of Gothenburg's Cultural Administration and Regionteater Väst to further develop dance art for children and young people in Gothenburg and Region Västra Götaland. Representatives with different skills and perspectives in the Dance Academy's steering group reflect the dance field. KICK OFF for Dansakademin is held at Stora teatern in Gothenburg 20 Nov 2019. Read more here.

Learn more about Art of Spectra at

This month’s premieres of companies participating at are:

23 Nov 2019 LOHENGRIN DREAMS Charlotte Engelkes (SE)
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