- Premiere for the new performance BLOOM

photo: Mats Bäcker

In this new Cirkus Cirkör performance you’re invited to a world of flowers, classical music and jaw dropping circus. An international cast of five multi talented artists sets out to change the world through joy, risk assessment and facing fears. As the artists fly through the air on teeterboard, swing in trapezes and ropes, lift each other, do pair acrobatics and mouth hang, they embody the soul of circus: That you don’t have to give in to normalcy, different is good, you should be as unique as you feel. Let yourself bloom!

BLOOM is directed by Julien Auger and Sade Kamppila from Circus I Love You. For full credits and contact information - please read here.

BLOOM Swedish tour 2019:
15–17 Aug 2019 Linköping at Linköping Contemporary Circus Festival, 22–24 Aug 2019 Finspång at Bergslagstorget, 30–31 Aug 2019 Borås at Borås Stadsteater, 5–29 Sep 2019 Stockholm at Södra Teatern, 2 Oct 2019 Skövde at Skövde Kulturhus, 3–5 Oct 2019 Göteborg at Stora Teatern, 11 Oct 2019 Trollhättan at Hebeteatern, 15 Oct 2019 Vara at Vara Konserthus, 17–18 Oct 2019 Göteborg at Stora Teatern, 19–20 Oct 2019 Helsingborg at Helsingborg Stadsteater, 29 Oct 2019 Växjö at Växjö Konserthus, 8–13 Nov 2019 Uppsala at Uppsala stadsteater, 22–24 Nov 2019 Gävle at Gävle Teater.

Find out more about Cirkus Cirkör at
 - Closing Tanz im August in Berlin (DE) with STORY, STORY, DIE
photo: Mats Bäcker

Alan spent July in Taipei (CN) workshopping winter guests' new piece RIVERS (working title), co-commissioned by National Theater Concert Hall, Taipei, The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Washington, D.C., and The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, Oslo - this epic narrative dance theater piece featuring 5 dancers and 5 actors will have its world premiere November, 2020 with subsequent touring.

winter guests is eager to get STORY, STORY, DIE back on its feet at the end of this month. After a great reception opening Julidans Amsterdam early July they are honored to close Tanz im August in Berlin on 29-31 Aug 2019.

Find out more about winter guests at
- Performing at Tanz im August

photo: Hannes Gellner

After much interest from all over the world as a result of the showing at the ICE HOT Reykjavik Nordic Dance Platform in December 2018 Gunilla Heilborn and Theater im Bahnhof now put THE WONDERFUL AND THE ORDINARY on the road for some exclusive showings in Russia and Germany this summer and the show is presented at Tanz im August in Berlin (DE) 14-15 Aug 2019. More info here.

What makes us remember? And what about all the things we forget? THE WONDERFUL AND THE ORDINARY inquires into all sorts of memories, raising the question if it’s only the amazing stuff that is worth to remember. The audience is invited to stroll along in a haze of long time forgotten and not so important memories. This performance is a collaboration between Gunilla Heilborn and Theater im Bahnhof

Read more about Gunilla Heilborn at
Premieres the new piece SOON SWOON!
photo: Martin Skoog

In September Claire Parsons Co. premieres the new company work SOON SWOON at Haninge Kulturhus. Aimed for and audience aged 10 years and up, SOON SWOON features dance and soft circus for three figures exploring emotions and alter egos.

Premiere 6 Sept 2019 at Haninge Kulturhus in Stcokholm (SE) and also showing 7, 9, 10, 11 Sept 2019. See the calendar for more details. Please contact the company for complimentary tickets!

In October the production GRASS for audiences from 4 years and up will embark on an extensive tour in Sweden via Regionteatern Växjö Kronoberg, visiting Karlskrona, Växjö, Älmhult and Karlshamn. GRASS will also perform at ZeBU in Copenhagen (DK), 10-12 Oct 2019.

Find out more about Claire Parsons Co. at
Back at the Edinburgh Fringe!
photo: Knut Bry

Jo Strømgren Kompani is bringing back an old classic to the Edinburgh Fringe, as part of Aurora Nova's line-up at Dance Base 20-25 Aug 2019. THE HOSPITAL has already been listed as a must-see at the Fringe by several, such as The Guardian. More info here.

Besides touring repertoire this fall, Jo Strømgren Kompani will be in production mode! THE TIRED MAN, aimed for a young audience will premiere at the Showbox festival in Oslo, 5 Dec 2019 and THE BREAKDOWN featuring actor Kate Pendry and dancer Vilde Victoria Madsen, will premiere at the Norwegian Opera and Ballet 30 Jan 2020. For more details about plans for fall 2019 and spring 2020, check out the company's touring list.

Find out more about Jo Strømgren Kompani at
- Creating a new work for Stockholm 59 North

photo. Håkan Jelk

Helena Franzén just came home from the very intense and successful performances in Tel Aviv (IL). The duet MEETING YOU performed with Ori Flomin was presented at Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre 11-12 Aug 2019.

Helena Franzén has a world premiere with her new creation TERRA – a commissioned work with Stockholm 59 North at Parkteatern in Vitabergsparken, Stockholm (SE) on 17 Aug 2019. A duet with two female dancers with strong integrity. The piece is a tribute to the inner physical instincts that we all carry within us. TERRA is filled with physical contrasts, moments of playfulness and musicality - with the very personal movement poetry that is characteristic of the choreographer Helena Franzén.

Find out more about Helena Franzén at
- Touring and working on a new performance

photo: Søren Meissner

This fall Gazart will be touring with the performance YELLOW BOX - starting on 7 Sept 2019 in Lyngby (DK). A box of yellow foam frames the work. Inside the box there are two people, co-existing in a continuous negotiation between transparency and opaque, ease and resistance. It’s a bit like running in dreams.

The company is also working on the brand new performance A WHOLE IS A HALF AND TWO QUARTERS premiering January 2020. A performance about divorce and belonging to multiple homes and families. About moving back and forth, forgetting and being forgotten, being homesick and being two places at ones. More info here. Check out the company's new web site here.

Read more about Gazart at
- 7 artists come together in the lab and performance project K.R.O.P.P.

photo: Gunnar H Stening

22-31 Aug 2019 SU-EN Butoh Company organizes the lab and performance project K.R.O.P.P. - presenting the artists Jason Lim (Singapore), Dorothea Seror (DE), Johannes Bergmark (SE), Anna Westberg (SE), Sakiko Yamaoka (JP), Eva Björkman (SE) and SU-EN (SE)

During 10 days, 7 artists with different styles meet and work, as individuals and in a group. The base is Haglund Skola, SU-EN Butoh Company´s headquarter. The idea of the project is to bring contemporary art to other spaces than galleries and theatres, work outside of the city and encounter new audiences. This project is a part of the company's dance and performance platform K.R.O.P.P. More info here.

Find out more about SU-EN Butoh Company at
- Performing at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (DE)

photo:Hugh Carswell

Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble are performing GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - TERNARY PATTERNS FOR INSOMNIA at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival (SHMF) in Kiel (DE) 18-19 Aug 2019.

In 2015, the declared aim of the Swedish choreographer Örjan Andersson and the director of the Scottish Ensemble, Jonathan Morton, was to extract something completely new from the frequently played work. In fact, they achieved a big hit with GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - TERNARY PATTERNS FOR INSOMNIA. Eleven musicians and five dancers stand together on the stage and perform Bach’s work as equal partners. More info here.

"Impulses are not only transferred from the music to the dancers, but the dancers and their movements also influence the music – it’s simply fantastic!" Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival.

Find out more about Andersson Dance Company at
- Swedish premiere of Swedish-Cuban dance performance SHAPES!

photo: Javier Garcia

2019, the dance company Memory Wax's celebrates its 15th anniversary. An important part of the company's work is the international collaboration with the dance company Danza Teatro Retazos based in Havana, Cuba. Read more here.Together, the companies have since 2012 arranged festivals in Cuba and in Sweden and now they are celebrating their anniversary with the Swedish premiere of their third co-production SHAPES.

SHAPES celebrates the meetings between people as unique, valuable events and investigates the movement and its inevitable transformation to something else. A tribute to passing moments. How do we affect each other?

SHAPES - Swedish tour in September 2019:
4 Sept 2019 Lunds Stadsteater, 6 Sept 2019 Dansstationen, Malmö, 8 Sept 2019 Kulturkvarteret, Kristianstad, 13 Sept 2019 Motala Folkets Hus, 14 Sept 2019 Mjölby Kulturscen, 15 Sept 2019 Teater Bråddgatan, Norrköping, 16 Sept 2019 Kulturhuset Finspång, 21 Sept 2019 Ystad Teater.

Read more about Memory Wax at
 - Dance weekend with Age on Stage in Stockholm (SE) in September

photo: Anders J Larsson

Charlotta Öfverholm & Age on Stage present two different dance theater performances at The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) in Stockholm (SE) 7-8 Sep 2019, as part of the project AGE OF STAGE, celebrating the mature dancer who still are on stage.
The performance PROSTHESIS is shown 7 Sept 2019. A surreal tragicomedy placed in a hotel lobby, where the deepest secrets will be revealed, where the Gods and Gurus are trying to get followers and where humanity is in danger. STORIES - A LIFE CABARET, where age is a plus, is shown 8 Sep 2019. 22 people between the age of 67-87 years old enter the stage with their life stories, body memories, love and music. STORIES is about the lust for life no matter your age. The movie JUST DANCE created by Anders J. Larsson, who followed Charlotta Öfverholm, researchers and a group of 65+ under 1,5 years, will open up the performance.

Charlotta Öfverholm is performing her one woman show LUCKY as well as screening Anders J. Larsson's documentary about her DANCE OR DIE, at Scandinavia House in New York 5 Oct 2019.

Find out more about Charlotta Öfverholm at
- Touring from Finland to Lithuania and the Faroe Islands

photo: Søren Meissner

Recoil will be touring their installation MASS – BLOOM EXPLORATIONS the next couple of months and the company is planning for more touring. Check out Recoil's calendar on the brand new website here

In MASS – BLOOM EXPLORATIONS, one dancer and thousands of mealworms are conducting a durational choreography – an installation in which the space is slowly but visibly being altered by the worms’ digestion and the human body in motion.

International tour MASS – BLOOM EXPLORATIONS:
3-4 Sept 2019 Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki (FI), 12-16 Sept 2019 Platforma Festival, Klaipeda (LT), 13-15 Feb 2020 The Nordic House, Faroe Islands.

Read more about Recoil performance group at
- Performing TRIBUTE at a brand new arts festival in Stockholm (SE)

photo: Thomas Zamolo

In the fall of 2018, Weld Company invited choreographer and dancer Frédéric Gies to create a choreography. The result was TRIBUTE, a full night of choreography for 9 of the company's dancers to a techno set by Fiedel. In a dancer's body there are traces and movements from the dances that were previously danced. In TRIBUTE, Frédéric Gies makes his older choreographies available to the dancers of the Weld Company. From this library of movements grows dances that gather the poetic, sensitive and raw textures of the past. 

TRIBUTE is shown at the new arts festival DANS.HALL FESTIVAL in Farsta, Stockholm (SE) 23-24 Aug 2019. Free ticket and more info can be found at⁣

Read more about Weld Company at
- Touring Europe and planning for a residency in Rio de Janeiro

photo: Tale Hendnes

The work towards the premiere of NOROROCA by Lia Rodrigues on 23 Jan 2020 begins with a 2 week residency at the cultural centre in the favela of Maré in Rio de Janeiro in August.

12 - 15 Sept 2019 Carte Blanche performs the double bill ECHO FLUX at Dansens Hus in Oslo (NO) as part of the Norwegian tour that will take them to Sandnes (NO) on the 19th and Kristiansand (NO) on the 25th of the same month. During this period the company will also perform KNOW HOWS by the Norwegian choreography duo Kristin Ryg Helgebostad and Ingeleiv Berstad at Theater Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, on 21 Sept 2019.

The rest of the tour, including a restaging of critically acclaimed SOUFFLETTE in Caen in November is listed here:
18 - 19 Oct 2019 ECHO FLUX at Rosendal Teater, Trondheim (NO), 26 – 27 Oct 2019 KNOW HOWS at Meteorfestivalen, Studio Bergen, Bergen (NO), 18 Nov 2019 ECHO FLUX at Centre Chorégraphique National de Caen en Normandie, Caen (FR), 20 Nov 2019, SOUFFLETTE at La Comédie de Caen, Caen (FR). For full credits and contact information - please read here.

Find out more about Carte Blanche at
- Presenting the autumn performances on tour

photo: Mattias Brunn

Regionteater Väst's fall premieres cover a wide range of topics. HÄXOR – an enchanted dance performance, inspired by witches, choreographed by the acclaimed Mari Carrasco. OROARNA – Lars Melin, Artistic Director of Drama at Regionteater Väst, directs a play for those who are or have been troubled. PETER OCH JANNE GÖR SLUT – Mattias Brunn, this year's winner of the Staffan Göthe Prize, directs a class room play about saying farewell and the grief that comes with it. STÅ UPP! – Regionteater Väst reiterate Stina Oscarson's play about taking a stand from 2018. More info here.

Read more about Regionteater Väst at
 - New creation THIRD PRACTICE demo at Performing HEL
photo: Kai Kuusisto

Tero Saarinen Company and Helsinki Baroque Orchestra will present excerpts of THIRD PRACTICE on 1 Sept 2019 as part of the Performing HEL Showcase. A demo, featuring live music and dance, will be shown at the new TSC Studio, located at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. Choreographer Tero Saarinen's latest work, premiered in May 2019, draws from Claudio Monteverdi's radical heritage. In the full-evening creation, twelve TSC dancers and HeBO musicians are joined on stage by tenor Topi Lehtipuu and the virtual avatar of Catalonian soprano Núria Rial. More about the creation on or in Finnish Music Quarterly's feature article here. For more info and video, contact the company here.

Tero Saarinen Company's BREATH, the duet by Tero Saarinen and Kimmo Pohjonen, will receive its Russian premiere at OPEN LOOK St. Petersburg International Dance Festival on 13 Aug 2019. The globally praised creation will return to Helsinki next month, with performances at the Alexander Theatre on 25-28 Sept 2019.

Read more about Tero Saarinen Company at
The CITY HORSES tour continues!
photo: Tina Axelsson

CITY HORSES continues touring Sweden and abroad and had a successful performance at Helsingör Passage Festival (SE) 3 Aug 2019. Next stop is Örebro Open Art Biennale (SE) 17 Aug 2019 and Botkyrka Festival (SE) 25 Aug 2019. Get more info here.

This spring Byström Källblad spent a two week residency at Critical Path in Sydney (AU) and will return 2020 for an Australian premiere of CITY HORSES with Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance.

Find out more about Byström Källblad at
- Performing at Sentralen in Oslo (NO)

photo: Mohamad Farrag

KORP, KORP - an interactive installation performance for children 6 months – 3 years, will be performed at Sentralen in Oslo NO) 24-26 Aug 2019. Dance artists Annika Ostwald and Ida Uvaas invite the youngest children to actively explore a tactile, abstract universe created by scenographer and sculptor Carl Nilssen-Love, with a vivid sound-design by composer Jens L. Thomsen. Additionally the company will hold 30 min performances with time afterwards for further discovery of the room.

Read more about Annika Ostwald and Ida Uvaas at
- Presenting two new works!

photo: Martin Skoog

Ingrid Olterman Dans is busy rehearsing two new performances: A site specific piece at the historical site Rösaring in Upplands-Bro, outside Stockholm (SE), with 6 dancers and musicians, premiering on 25 Aug 2019, called DANCE AT RÖSARING. And the performance FRICTION - HOW DOES IT FEEL? for children +4 years old that will premiere 14 Sept 2019 at the culture house Kungsängens Kulturhus, followed by performances for schools. The company is also visiting Skarpnäcks Kulturhus on the 23-24 Sept 2019. In the performance FRICTION two dancers and one musician explore various items, bodies and feelings in a playground. The audience experience the performance at a very close distance. Please contact the company for full tour schedules.

Find out more about Ingrid Olterman Dans at
- Touring with the performance FROZEN SONGS

photo:: Antero Hein

ZVC will be performing FROZEN SONGS at Dansens Hus in Oslo (NO) 31 Aug 2019. The performance is included in the program of Oslo Green Capital 2019. Next stop for FROZEN SONGS is Occidente Oriente Festival, Rovereto (IT) performing 7 Sept 2019, followed by Kortrijk in Belgium 23 Oct 2019.

In addition to the touring activities, ZVC is in the starting point of the new creation WHEN MONDAY CAME with an upcoming 2-week residency in La Briqueterie, Paris (FR) in October. WHEN MONDAY CAME will premiere 30 Jan 2020 at Dansens Hus in Oslo (NO).

The company's artistic director Ina Christel Johannessen is currently working with Adelaide Dance Theatre with the creation NORTH as part of the double bill NORTH/SOUTH. Responding to the polar regions of our planet – the Arctic Circle and Antarctica –NORTH/SOUTH is an extraordinary double bill from two acclaimed choreographers, Ina Christel Johannessen and Garry Stewart. World premiere 11 Sept 2019 at Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide (AU).

Find out more about Zero Visibility Corp at
 - Premieres, festivals and a new work
photo: Dalija Acin Thelander

The latest work of Dalija Acin Thelander 稚蒙 - THE HUNDREDS TRANSFORMATIONS ARISE, for children 1-3 years old, commissioned by Xi'an Qujiang Meriton Culture Development Company for Children's Theatre was premiered on 19 July 2019 in Xi'an, China.

The upcoming shows of MYRIADS OF WORLDS, produced by The Royal Opera in Stockholm (SE), will be on the program of Assitej Artistic Gathering on 2-3 Sept 2019 in Kristiansand (NO) and THE GARDEN OF SPIRITED MINDS will be at the Young Dance Internationales Tanzfestival, Zug (CH) 14 Sept 2019 and at Bora Bora dansefestivalen Dans Baby Dans in Denmark 12-13 Oct 2019.

During the fall Dalija will start the creation of her new work for babies 3-15 months THE SIXTH DAY OF THE MOON, commissioned by Dansstationen Malmö, Sweden, for the company Turnékompaniet. Premiere is planned for December 2019.

Read more about Dalija Acin Thelander at
- Touring several productions in Sweden

photo: Christina Tingskog

The new performance LIFELINES, for 7 years and upward opened at Dunker's Kulturhus in Helsingborg (SE) in March, and will be performed during Kolla Kultur at Teater Pero 28 Aug 2019 and at Danscentrum Stockholm (SE) 17-19 Sept 2019.

COMET for children 3-9 years old, is part of Stockholms Culture Festival 14 Aug 2019 at Dansbanan in Kungsträdgården. Choreographer Christina Tingskog was interviewed about her work with astrophysic themes by the European Space Agency, visiting the festival since this year's theme is SPACE.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION is playing all over Sweden, 68 performances during 2019, also in English at the International School in Älmhult 21-24 Sept 2019.

Read more about Christina Tingskog at
- Performing in Scotland, Sweden and Australia

photo: iCoDaCo

iCoDaCo 2018-2020 (International Contemporary Dance Collective) will perform IT WILL COME LATER at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 11-13, 15-19, 21-25 Aug 2019. iCoDaCo is a collaboration between artists and organizations in Sweden, Wales, Poland, Hungary and Hong Kong and the piece is the outcome of the collective effort of the six international artists involved. Read more here.

ilDance's project based professional junior company, ilYoung, presents two new works during a tour in Sweden 24 Aug-11 Sep 2019: ARRIVAL is a vivid examination of the meeting point between our expectations and what we actually meet upon arrival at a situation. TIME OF OUR LIFE is a shared intimate experience between the performers and the audience. The work is based on stories from each of the ten artists personal lives. Find out about the dates and venues here.

Israel Aloni will perform the new solo work, MY BODY MY NATION, on 8 Sept 2019 as part of FOJAM - Festival of Jewish Art and Music in Melbourne (AU). In this piece Aloni examines the idea of decolonization through a singular body. More info here.

Find out more about IlDance and ilYoung at
This month’s premieres of companies participating at are:

15 Aug 2019 BLOOM, Cirkus Cirkör
17 Aug 2019 TERRA, Helena Franzén & Stockholm 59 North
24 Aug 2019 ARRIVAL, ilYoung/ilDance
24 Aug 2019 TIME OF OUR LIFE, ilYoung/ilDance
25 Aug 2019 DANCE AT RÖSARING, Ingrid Olterman Dance
29 Aug 2019 STÅ UPP!, Regionteater Väst
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