Nya rutiner för KI-kort/New routine for KI-card
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På gång på KI

From April 1, 2019, the students' KI card/access card will be handled by the UF/Property Department/Environmental and Security Unit. The handling was previously done by University Library.

11 April, 11am-12pm I Synapsen, University Library, campus Solna

Zotero is a software that you download to your computer and connect with a web browser and word processor. In this workshop you will get an introduction to the program. Zotero can also be used with Google Docs. The first workshop is 11 April.

Starting with the academic year 2019/2020 there is an opportunity for our students who are going on Erasmus exchange to apply for an extra travel allowance of 2000 SEK which will be used for train travel to or from the Erasmus destination. The grant applies to everyone except for those who are going on exchange to Copenhagen or Oslo. For example, the grant can be used to pay for an interrail card.

If you have an active student account, you can print a result transcript or a registration transcript via Ladok. Read more about what applies here

4, 11, 25 April, 2.15pm-2:45pm | Library entrance, campus Solna

Students are invited to take part in a lunch time lecture on an interesting topic while enjoying a sandwich and drink (on a first come, first served basis).