Newsletter no. 39 • MARCH 2018 

Read about premieres in MARCH, about Printemps Nordique in Montreal, Örjan Andersson to Kennedy Centre, Tero Saarinen world premiere, Memory Wax to Havana, SU-EN Butoh Company festival in Uppsala, Shake-it Collaborations project about dreams, bodies and voices and much more, in the March Newsletter from the Nordic membership MADEIN-THEWEB.COM. 
This month’s premieres of companies participating at are:
3 March 2018 S & S,GöteborgsOperans Danskompani (SE)
9 March 2018 SAD SYMPHONY, Shake it Collaborations (SE)
10 mars 2018 ODYSSEUS, Norrdans (SE)
14 March 2018 THE GARDEN OF SPIRITED MINDS, Dalija Acin Thelander (SE)
22 March 2018 ANNA KARENINA,Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin (FI)
22 March 2018 SHAPES, Memory Wax (SE) with Danza Teatro Retazos (Cuba)
4 - 29 april 2018 Place des Art in Montréal (CA) stages the artistic and cultural event Printemps Nordique. With more than 80 international artists, 25 performances and 15 free activities – such as roundtables, master classes, and public talks – audiences will be able to immerse themselves in the social and cultural dimensions of the countries of Northern Europe. Participating MADE IN the web members are zero visibility corp. (NO) with the performance AGAIN, Gunilla Heilborn (SE) with THE KNOWLEDGE and Tero Saarinen Company (FI) with BREATH.

Please visit the website for more  information and the full program.
- World premiere of BREATH approaches
photo: Perttu Saksa
Tero Saarinen Company's second world premiere of the year takes place in Canada as Tero Saarinen and Kimmo Pohjonen's duet BREATH is performed at Grand Théâtre de Québec (12 Apr 2018) followed by a season by Danse Danse at Place des Arts, Montreal (17–21 Apr 2018). Before its premiere, the creation will be developed in open rehearsals in Helsinki (22–24 Mar 2018). In Finland, the duet will be seen at Tampere Hall (12 May 2018), Turku City Theatre (22 May 2018) and Alexander Theatre, Helsinki (29 May–1 Jun 2018).
A documentary film about Tero Saarinen's artistic work Rooted with Wings premiered at Avant Première in Berlin. The film by Thomas Freundlich follows Saarinen over a period of five years from 2014 to 2018. It includes exclusive footage from backstage and performances around the world, and opens up the choreographer's artistic process through his own words. The documentary's Finland premiere is at Loikka dance film festival on 5 April, and it will also be broadcasted by SVT in Sweden and YLE in Finland. Watch a trailer here.
 Learn more about the company at madeintheweb
 - Working together with the artist Anja Garbarek
photo: Bjørn Opsahl
With a repertory of 14 different productions within a wide range of genres, Jo Strømgren Kompani is happy to say that the company has something to offer to almost every audience group and venue. For the 2018/19 season JSK is especially thrilled to announce the collaboration with one of Norway's most interesting artists, Anja Garbarek. Since her debut in 1992 she has been provoking the musical tension between art and pop, with her visual and theatrical expression and uncommon richness of detail. THE ROAD IS JUST A SURFACE will be a brand new musical theatre experience, composed of Garbarek's extraordinary music and Jo Strømgren's distinct physical language. It premieres 24 May 2018 at Bergen International Festival. Take a look at the company's website for a full list of available productions here.
JSK is also happy to announce the appointment of the new managing director Anne Cecilie Bodin Larsen and the project manager Vanessa Storm. Senior project manager Guri Glans and technical coordinator Stephen Rolfe will continue their work with the company.

Find out more about Jo Strømgren Kompani at
 - From Sweden to Norway and South Korea
photo: Petra Hellberg
Claire Parsons Co´s performance GRASS, for children aged 4 and up, is on an extensive tour in Sweden. The company is approaching Stockholm (SE) and will perform in Lidingö 24 March 2018 and in Husby 25 March 2018. In April the tour will continue in southern Sweden. GRASS premiered at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm (SE) and is an co-production between Claire Parsons Co. and Marionetteatern. In GRASS dancers, puppeteers and circus artists meet on stage for the first time. GRASS is available to book for 2018.

Claire Parsons Co. is looking forward to performing MARMALADE in May and June on tour in Norway and on a visit to Seoul in South Korea. For more dates and venues please look at the website calendar.

Read more about Claire Parsons Co. at
  - Performing with Cuban dance company in Havana
The dance performance  SHAPES is Memory Wax's third coproduction with the Cuban dance company Danza Teatro Retazos from Havana. SHAPES captures the unique in every moment and the inevitable transformation to something else. Intimate meetings and stories is created in a mutable flow between the shape of something and its content, movement and relations. SHAPES is a tribute to the passing moments as possibilities to create our own reality. Premiere 22 March 2018 at Las Carolinas, Havana, Cuba.

Find out more about Memory Wax at
 - Touring Sweden
 photo: Chrisander-Brun
The last stop on Björn Säfsten's tour of Sweden with the new work LANDSCAPE OF I is in Väven in Umeå (SE) on 16 March 2018. Choreography by Björn Säfsten, created with the performers Sophie Augot, Ilyas Odman and Will Rawls. Co-production Säfsten Produktion and Riksteatern. Watch a trailer here.

11-12 Apr 2018 the performance PROLOGUE is shown at Atalante in Göteborg (SE). In PROLOGUE Björn Säfsten and Sophie Augot explore the violence of language. Idea, costume concept and scenography by Anja Arnquist, Sophie Augot and Björn Säfsten. A co-production with Norrlandsoperan.

Read more about Björn Säfsten at
 - On tour with a symphony of dreams, bodies and voices
photo: Tomas van der Kaaij
SAD SYMPHONY believes that we need each other and that we can stand together even in the most difficult questions. and challenges the idea of the limited voice and body by forming a choir of 12 artists. A choir with the one task: to investigate all the way out to tip of their fingertips to find the smallest common denominator. SAD SYMPHONY  is created by Tove Sahlin / Shake it Collaborations in close collaboration with the ensemble and artistic team and now touring the county of Gävleborg (SE). Find your ticket here. SAD SYMPHONY is a co-production between Shake it Collaborations and Folkteatern Gävleborgand part of the project Dreams and Democracy.

SAD SYMPHONY is also presented 5 - 6 June 2018 in Eric Ericsonhallen in Stockholm (SE).

9 -20 Mar 2018 Folkteatern Gävleborg, Gävle, 19 Mar 2018 Ockelbo, 9-10 Apr 2018 Sandviken, 16-17 Apr 2018 Hofors, 23-24 Apr 2018 Hudiksvall, 29 Apr 2018 Runemo, 7 May 2018 Bergsjö, 14-15 May 2018 Bollnäs, 21-22 May 2018  Söderhamn, 5 - 6 June 2018 Stockholm, Eric Ericsonhallen .

Learn more about Shake it Collaborations at madeinthe
 - Working with DOCH, School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (SE)
photo:Hanna-Cecilia Lindqvist
Stina Nyberg's much acclaimed work SPLENDOUR in a special version is shown 6-24 Mar 2018 at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (SE) in Stockholm. The beat-strucken dance performance SPLENDOUR is now reformed and performed by 17 extraordinary dancers at the Bachelor programme in Dance at DOCH. 
The performance SPLENDOUR is at the same time a practice, a performance and a dance.To 90’s techno music the dancers do the sounds, reversing the causality between music and dance by making dancing the reason for music to appear. Book your ticket here. The event is free of charge.

The performance SHAPES OF STATES returns to MDT, Stockholm (SE) on 30-31 March 2018. Choreography by Stina Nyberg and production by MDT, Inkonst, Norrlandsoperan and wpZimmer. Full credits, tickets and more information here.
 - Curating the international festival K.R.O.P.P 
photo from the film KIKI
SU-EN is the curator of the festival K.R.O.P.P PLATFORM FOR DANCE AND BODY ART at Uppsala Concert & Congress, Uppsala (SE) on 17 March 2018. The theme is "K.R.O.P.P goes QUEER" presenting the guests: Julischka Stengele, body art (AT), Christopher Waldorf, voguing (US) and Shade Bornbitter and Lucky Slut Bonita (SE), drag queens and DJs. Excerpts will be shown from the film KIKI with introduction by director Sara Jordenö. Co-organized with Uppsala Concert & Congress. Read more and book your ticket here.

Find out more about SU-EN at madeinthe
 - World premiere for the immortal adventurer ODYSSEUS
photo: Bengt Wanselius
Norrdans' ODYSSEUS is finally home! Norrdans’ latest work describes both the king of ancient Ithaca, meandering across the Mediterranean, trying to find his way home and at the same time a modern person who manages to push his personal boundaries, using his courage, intelligence and vulnerability. Choreographer Lenka Vagnerová has previously created DARK HORSE and JUHANI for Norrdans. This time she has taken on the story of the most famous hero of Greek myths, ODYSSEUS.

ODYSSEUS spring tour in Sweden 2018:
10 Mar 2018 Härnösand, 14 Mar 2018 Skellefteå, 19 Mar 2018 Östersund, 21 mar 2018 Sollefteå, 26 Mar 2018 Umeå, 5 Apr 2018 Nacka, 10 Apr 2018 Kalix, 12 Apr 2018 Piteå, 16 Apr 2018 Kiruna, 18 Apr 2018 Haparanda, 23 Apr 2018 Sundsvall.

Find out more about Norrdans at
 - Doing four shows at The Kennedy Centre in Washington
photo. Hugh Carswell
Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble bring GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - TERNARY PATTERNS FOR INSOMNIA to The Kennedy Center in Washington, USA for four shows 26-28 April 2018. More information here.

Read more about Andersson Dance at

All the best from Åsa Edgren, Anna Diehl & Titti Grahl/Loco World MADEIN-THEWEB.COM, and all our joint members.