Photos from Engagement Conference and CHILD Partner Day, 16-18 November 2017
Welcome to our conference at Jönköping University!
Key Note speaker Ai-Wen Hwang.
Beautiful childrens' stories and portraits.
'Fika' needs to be guarded from thirsty students.
Exibitions:  Memories by Julia and Student works from the local English School, year 3
Choosing of seminars.
Here is where the info is!
Student helpers Marc & Anca.
...and a bit of catching up!
Continued collaborations.
Technical stuff.
Woops! A photo is taken!
CHILD's research leader Mats Granlund having high expectations for the Conference Days!
Afternoon seminar work group.
Key note speaker Ana Pinto .
Key note speaker Juan Bornman.
Key note speaker Christine Imms.
CHILD-researchers taking a lead in the afternoons' working sessions.
Key note speaker Rune Simeonsson.
Key note speaker Samuel Odom.
All sessions were greatly appreciated.
Afternoon group work.
'Have a Swedish fika! '
Nerrolyn Ramstrand and Karin Enskär successfully lead us through a night of festivities!
Good company.
Good food.
Interesting conversations.
A start of new collaborations?
A lot of facts and a lot of fun!
A 'Toilet roll' perspective!
Key note speaker Dale Farran (in the middle) getting ready with the assistance of CHILD's research leader Mats Grandlund and PhD-student Madeleine Sjöman.
Key note speaker Eric Hodges.
New collaborations.
Having a laugh.
Meeting with new people.
Meeting with 'old people'.
Comparison of research results.
CHILD- and Partner Conference 18 Nov 2018.
And some...
Chocolate workshop with hand made pralins
...and the origin.
Many impressions within one frame work.
Thank you all for coming and contributing to the conference!
Photo credits to: Frida Lygnegård, Frida Åström & Cecilia Allegrind

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