Newsletter no. 38 • FEBRUARY 2018 

Read about our premieres in February, a new project on supporting Nordic mid-carreer Choreographers ready for the World stage, read about the platforms ICE HOT Reykjavik and Danish+, get the latest touring news from Tero Saarinen, Charlotta Öfverholm, Stina Nyberg, Gunilla Heilborn, Shake-it Collaborations, Björn Säfsten, Kaari and Roni Martin, Ingrid Olterman, Dalija Acin Thelander, Claire Parsons and SU-EN. 
This month’s premieres of companies participating at are:
2 Feb 2018 HÖJ BLICKEN, Regionteater Väst (SE)
2 Feb 2018 HOPP OCH HINDER, Regionteater Väst (SE)
2 Feb 2018
STÅ UPP! Regionteater Väst (SE)
3 Feb 2018 GRASSGREEN, Gazart (DK)
20 Feb 2018 LANDSCAPES OF I, Björn Säfsten (SE
Ingrid Berger Myhre, Rósa Ómarsdóttir, Sonya Lindfors and Mari Carrasco, photo Åsa Edgren
The five Nordic choreographers Ingrid Berger Myhre (NO), Rósa Ómarsdóttir (IS), Sonya Lindfors (FI), Mari Carrasco (SE) and Gunilla Lind (DK), were in residence in Paris at Chaillot, National Theater of Dance, within the frame of Fabrique Chaillot. RIDA DANSE was held on 25 Jan 2018, organized by ONDA, the French office for contemporary performing arts circulation. RIDA DANSE is a meeting dedicated to dance, and an exchange of artistic information (productions seen or to be seen), cooperation and reflection. The choreographers presented themselves and their artistic work to more than 80 international presenters.
Plans are now in making to continue the collaboration between the five artists to create more visibility towards international programmers. The exchange-workshop “Fabrique Chaillot” concept has been created by Chaillot, National Theater of Dance. The aim is to develop networks between young choreographers and giving them space and visibility also to connect with international promotors. The plan is that the next Nordic workshop will be held at ICE HOT Reykjavik in December 2018. MADEIN and Loco World are now engaging in this project with the aim to support mid-carreer artists from the Nordic region, ready to hit the World stage.
 - Greatest number of applications ever

The organizers of ICE HOT Reykjavík received  350 applications from Nordic artists, who want to perform and present at the platform 12-16 Dec 2018. This is the largest amount of applications ever to be sent in by artists to perform at ICE HOT platforms. Each application will now be evaluated, first by a 3 member national jury in each of the 5 Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) and then by a Nordic jury, with one member from each Nordic country.
Ása Richardsdóttir, director of ICE HOT Reykjavík;
“-We are thrilled,this large amount of applications is humbling and exciting at the same time.  It shows the strength of the Nordic dance sector. In addition to offering artists the opportunity to stage their work, artists can also present new artistic ideas or works in progress in our MORE MORE MORE programme.  This is new. We look forward to the selection process ahead.”

You'll find all further information
 - Performing in Gothenburg (SE) and in Berlin 
photo: Håkan Larsson
21 February 2018 Charlotta Öfverholm's SURVIVAL KIT is shown at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg (SE) together with POTATO by Mats Ek, performed by Ana Laguna and Mats Ek. SURVIVAL KIT is a double bill by Sharon Fridman and Martin Harriague  under the leadership of Charlotta Öfverholm, performed solely by artists over the age of 45. The first work is called LIGHT HOUSE and was created by choreographer Sharon Fridman, followed by the French choreographer Martin Harriaga's award-winning work BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

SHOW TO BE TRUE by Johannes Wieland is an Age on Stage / Charlotta Öfverholm production in collaboration with Dance On Ensemble Berlin, performed solely by world renowned artists over the age of 45, to be presented at Festival OUT OF NOW / DANCE ON Festival at Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin 3 March 2018. The festival is hosted by the Dance On Ensemble. Five productions from the repertoire for dancers 40+ created over the last two years will be seen in Berlin for the first time, having toured all over Europe and further afield. Read more about the festival here.

Find out more about Charlotta Öfverholm and AGE ON STAGE at
:DANISH+ 2018
 - Participants are joining from all over the world
photo: Ditte Valente
:DANISH+ 2018  is approaching and participants are joining from all over the world. :DANISH+ is an international showcase presenting some of the best of contemporary professional Danish performing arts for children and young people. The performances are all handpicked, in English and ready to tour internationally, please check out the program here.

As for participants, the registrations have been pouring in as we reached the Early Bird deadline, and our participant-list now include representatives from England, Ireland, Scotland, Poland, France, Germany, Canada and China! It is sure to be an exciting showcase with a fascinating crowd, so come join us 7-9 May 2018 in the heart of Aarhus and be inspired. Register here. Watch a trailer.
Read more about  :DANISH+ at
 - A new work for babies premiering in Stockholm (SE)
photo: Dalija Acin Thelander 
Dalija Acin Thelander will have the premiere of her new work for babies THE GARDEN OF SPIRITED MINDS - durational installation based performance for babies 0-12 months at Weld, Stockholm (SE) on 14 March 2018, and will be open to audience every day from 9am -17pm, untill March 18th. THE GARDEN OF SPIRITED MINDS proposes to babies and their adults exceptional immersive and multi-sensorial artistic experience. It invites audience to freely move, enjoy multiple perspectives, explore, be active and/or relax - choosing the ways to engage with the proposed environment. Music is composed by Thomas Jeker (CH), performed by Noah Hellwig and Dalija Acin Thelander.
Dalija Acin Thelander's performances SENSESCAPES will have UK and Irish premiere at Young at Art festival in Belfast on 11 and 12 March 2018.

 Find out more about Dalija Acin Thelander at
 - Spectacular season opening in Paris and Los Angeles 
photo: Mikki Kunttu
Tero Saarinen Company made its history with simultaneous performances at two of the world's leading venues in Paris and Los Angeles. MORPHED was seen at Théâtre National de Chaillot (18–20 Jan), and the world premiere of the LA Phil and Susanna Mälkki collaboration ZIMMERMANN TRIO at Walt Disney Concert Hall (19–21 Jan). The six performances for nearly 10 000 spectators were followed by mesmerised feedback from both audiences and critics.

Next, the spring season continues with another new creation: choreographer Tero Saarinen and accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen's duet BREATH receives its world premiere at Grand Théâtre de Québec on 12 April. The premiere follows with performances in Montreal, Canada and Tampere, Turku and Helsinki in Finland. The creation will be developed in residency at Vaba-Lava in Tallinn next week, and in open rehearsals at Alexander Theatre, Helsinki on 22–24 March.

 Learn more about the company at madeintheweb
 - Performing COCO CHANEL in Colombia
photo:Sanne Peper
COCO CHANEL, JSK's co-production with Ulrike Quade Company (NL) about the fascinating life and history of the icon Coco Chanel, will 28–31 March 2018 visit Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá in Colombia. Haarlems Dagblad called it «a magical production» and Theaterkrant awarded the show 5 out of 5 stars. COCO CHANEL will also continue its successful touring of the Netherlands and France, visiting 10 new venues this spring. 
The sci-fi dance theatre production THE VIRUS will continue its Norwegian tour with more venues in March and May, including school performances and workshops, and CZTERDZIEŚCI, THE HOSPITAL and A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL will all be performed this spring. See JSK schedule for more details
Find out more about Jo Strømgren Kompani at
 - On an extensive tour in Sweden
photo: Petra Hellberg
Claire Parsons Co´s performance GRASS, for children aged 4 and up, is touring extensively in Sweden and will perform at Norrlandsoperan in Umeå 14, 15, 17 Feb 2018, followed by a tour to Åsele, Lycksele, Skellefteå. GRASS will also perform in Sundsvall on 25-27 Feb 2018 and in Östersund 28 Feb and 1 March 2018.

GRASS premiered at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm (SE) and is an co-production between Claire Parsons Co. and Marionetteatern. In GRASS dancers, puppeteers and circus artists meet on stage for the first time. GRASS is available for booking for 2018. See the calendar for more dates and venues. For complimentary tickets contact the company.

Read more about Claire Parsons Co. at
 - Performing at EJU Meklet festival in Latvia
photo. Martin Skoog
Ingrid Olterman Dans is performing in Sweden and abroad. A visit  to Latvia is soon coming up. On 16 March 2018 the company performs SHELTER TREES for the younger audience as part of the international professional theatre festival for children and youth EJU Meklet, organized by Assitej Latvia. The festival EJU Meklet presents a program of professional theater productions from Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and is aimed at children and youth from the ages 0 to 18.

Find out more about Ingrid Olterman Dans at
 - The company's adaptation of ANNA KARENINA to premiere soon
photo: Janne Mikkilä
Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin’s premiere production ANNA KARENINA can be seen in Helsinki from 22 March to 2 April 2018. The roles of Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky are played by Mariana Collado and Carlos Chamorro, the company’s Spanish go-to dancers. The main focus is on the love triangle between Anna, her husband Karenin, and Count Vronsky. At the same time, the timeless piece serves as a commentary on the modern world. The music for ANNA KARENINA, written by Roni Martin, mixes flamenco with Tom Waits -inspired elements and Brechtesque echoes to form a hypnotic entity which, together with the performers, takes the audience on a journey into a warped world that is characteristic to the company’s works.

Learn more about Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin at
 - New work opens this month in Malmö (SE)
 photo: Sarah Kjelleren
Björn Säfsten's new work LANDSCAPES OF I opens 20 Feb 2018 at Inkonst,  Malmö (SE). LANDSCAPES OF I lingers between the personal and the fictional, the real and the fake, the biographical and the made-up. From a number of interwoven solos personal choreographic landscapes emerge. The work is occupied with memories, manners, reflexes, conscious and unconscious actions. Choreography by Björn Säfsten, created with the performers Sophie Augot, Ilyas Odman and Will Rawls. Co-production: Säfsten Produktion and Riksteatern. Production residencies provided by Riksteatern (Stockholm, SE), Inkonst (Malmö, SE) and The Chocolate Factory (New York).

Tour in Sweden 20 Feb - 16 March 2018:
20 - 21 Feb 2018 Inkonst, Malmö, 23 Feb 2018 Stenkrossen Lund, 26 Feb 2018 Katarinaskolan, Vadstena, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 March 2018 Eric Ericsonhallen, Stockholm, 16 March 2018 Väven, Umeå
Read more about Björn Säfsten at
 - Presenting a symphony of dreams, bodies and voices
photo: Tomas van der Kaaij
SAD SYMPHONY by Tove Sahlin / Shake it Collaborations in close collaboration with the ensemble and artistic team opens 9 March 2018 in Gävle (SE). The performance will tour in the county of Gävleborg (SE)  during the spring 2018.  Find your ticket here. SAD SYMPHONY is also presented 5 - 6 June 2018 in Eric Ericsonhallen in Stockholm (SE). SAD SYMPHONY is a co-production between Shake it Collaborations and Folkteatern Gävleborg and part of the project Dreams and Democracy.
SAD SYMPHONY believes that we need each other and that we can stand together even in the most difficult questions. Are there any shared dreams left and what does a united voice mean today? We challenge the idea of the limited voice and body and form a choir of 12 artists. A choir with the one task: to investigate all the way out to tip of their fingertips to find the smallest common denominator
Learn more about Shake it Collaborations at madeinthe
 - Showing her work in Oslo (NO) and Stockholm (SE)
photo: Casper Hedberg
Stina Nyberg's much acclaimed work SPLENDOUR will be performed at Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO) 16-18 Feb 2018. In SPLENDOUR, sound is the origin of every movement. The seven performers on stage dance themselves sweaty in a corporeal translation from music to dance. Here, a "techno practice" that focus on the affective capacity of music allows rhythm to enter the bodies of both dancers and audience. Production Stina Nyberg and MDT (SE). For full credits  and tickets - please read here.
The performance SHAPES OF STATES returns to MDT, Stockholm (SE) on 30-31 March 2018. SHAPES OF STATES traces the historical and political writing of the body by connecting the Swedish public health ideologies from the 1920's with contemporary training ideals. Seeing the body as malleable material, which are the means through which we sculpt it? And what is the daily shaping of the body doing to the way we shape society? Choreography by Stina Nyberg and production by MDT, Inkonst, Norrlandsoperan and wpZimmer. Full credits, tickets and more information here.
 - Curating the international festival K.R.O.P.P 
photo from the film KIKI
SU-EN is the curator of the festival K.R.O.P.P PLATFORM FOR DANCE AND BODY ART at Uppsala Concert & Congress, Uppsala (SE) on 17 March 2018. The theme is "K.R.O.P.P goes QUEER" presenting the guests: Julischka Stengele, body art (AT), Christopher Waldorf, voguing (US) and Shade Bornbitter and Lucky Slut Bonita (SE), drag queens and DJs. Excerpts will be shown from the film KIKI with introduction by director Sara Jordenö. Co-organized with Uppsala Concert & Congress. Read more and book your ticket here.

Find out more about SU-EN at madeinthe
 - Explores the brain in THE KNOWLEDGE
photo: Katarina Wiklund
Gunilla Heilborn is performing THE KNOWLEDGE at Dieselverkstaden, Nacka (SE) 15-16 Feb 2018. In this solo show, the Swedish artist explores the fascinating world of the brain, using mostly words and images and takes us through a winding essay on the brain and its ability to navigateTHE KNOWLEDGE is a performance lecture that will make your brain grow. Watch a trailer. For questions about the show, please contact the company.

Learn more about Gunilla Heilborn at

All the best from Åsa Edgren, Anna Diehl & Titti Grahl/Loco World MADEIN-THEWEB.COM, and all our joint members.