Sober luxury vs playful activity in two new hotels

During the 1960s and 1970s, the downtown area of Stockholm was redeveloped, and large parts of the old Klara quarters were demolished to accommodate the new Stockholm City. Along the north side of the Brunkebergstorg square lies The Riksbank building, designed by architect Peter Celsing (see image above).
The new monumental building would set the tone of the remaining new buildings surrounding the square. Since 1970, Brunkebergstorg has often been associated with prostitution and thought of as a desolate location without much life. When the sex trade moved to the internet, the square fell into oblivion, even though it has one of Stockholm’s most central locations.

Today Brunkebergstorg and its surroundings are undergoing major refurbishment. In this newsletter you will see two new hotels with high aspirations. Click on the pictures to view them in a larger format with all the details.


At Six Hotel

The name At Six is a tribute to the hotel’s address Brunkebergstorg 6, and is part of hotel tycoon Petter Stordalen’s hotel group – Nordic Hotels & Resorts.

The hotel opened on March 23, and on June 28 received the award Best European Hotel and Best Restaurant within a Hotel at the International Hotel and Property Awards i Italy.

A cinematic entry

The first thing you see is a classic Hollywood-style staircase with a 2.5 m high marble sculpture, created by Spanish sculptor Jaume Plensa. The view sets the tone for the entire hotel, that exudes a sober and timeless luxury.


“Our goal is to redefine the concept of hotel art”

Sune Nordgren is At Six Hotel’s design curator and for the hotel he has chosen one of Europe’s most ambitious contemporary art collections. Art is meant to be a natural part of the hotel and the overall feeling. Not intrusive, yet something that the eye can linger on and explore.
The images above are by the Swedish photographer Dawid. As a precursor and mentor in contemporary Swedish photography, Björn Dawidsson enjoys a unique position.

Discover big branding on small things

Everything is not visible from a far, but there is a lot to discover in the hotel’s details. The hotel’s brand is muted in a clever way with specially designed accessories featuring the hotel’s logotype. If you would like to take something home, you can purchase the hotel’s collection of jewelry, bags, glasses, etc., in the shop at the reception or in the web shop here.


Social At Six is 2,000 square meters of flexible meeting space

The meeting facility is similar to a large exhibition hall in contrast to the elegance of the hotel space. In addition to a number of traditional meeting rooms of different sizes, the major space has been made to be completely flexible in order to meet different requirements for special occasions and events. Worth noting is a special Podcast room (below).  


There is no shortcut to perfect sound

The Listening Lounge is a social sitting room where the sound quality and choice of music are more important than the volume. With custom built KRS speakers from Tokyo, McIntosh electronics, a hand built Condesa mixer from Australia, and new advanced turntables from Technics, the ambition is to create one of the most diverse and interesting music bars in the world.

The music curator, Victor Sanchez, is one of the biggest music profile gurus in Stockholm’s club scene. Here you can attend lectures, record release events, live podcasts, album playbacks and inspirational conversations featuring music profiles from all over the world. All of this in an environment you’ve never seen, or more specifically, heard, in Stockholm before.

Blanche & Hierta

To the left of the entrance you will find the hotel’s wine bar - Blanche & Hierta. The name is a tribute to two great 19th-century characters in Stockholm - author August Blanche and newspaper founder Lars Johan Hierta. Here you can try a glass or two of wine in a relaxed environment paired with small dishes and delicacies. The bar is open 12-24 every day and is on the ground floor. On sunny days you can enjoy your wine at the outdoor seating area on Brunkebergstorg.

Downtown Camper by Scandic with Lifestyle Concierge.

As of September 1, the Sergel Plaza Hotel has turned into to a new signature hotel in the Scandic chain.
Many hotels offer a concierge service - a person that helps guests book theater tickets, informs about museums or gives directions with maps on how to get to different places around the city. Downtown Camper has taken the concierge concept one step further and created the Lifestyle Concierge. Here you get help from Kristian Hell, originally from Australia, who is the “Mr. Know It All” when it comes to Stockholm. In addition to the usual tourist destinations, he shares his favorite places and guides to urban gems as well as nature experiences in the capitol.

Grab & Go downtown

At the front desk kayaks hanging from the roof could be seen as an odd decoration. But as a guest, you can borrow them as well as bikes, longboards or skateboards along with sportswear. Take a cart and roll the kayak down to Stockholm’s water or jump on a bike and discover Stockholm on your own terms.


Ski lodge without after-ski

The hotel has a modern and playful interior that brought inspiration from nature with a touch of ski lodge, only without after-ski. Praise to the fact that they have not chosen Ikea’s white highchair, which is certainly practical and cheap, but definitely not good looking!

Social space instead of conference rooms

The traditional conference rooms have been transformed into five inspiring rooms of varying size that feature the highest personal character. Of course, the Nightwood room (above) with its theater seating is suitable for showing movies as well as lectures. Here you can choose which type of environment best inspires your meeting or event.


The Game Room

The game room features a wide range of classic board games (no WiFi required) like Chess and Backgammon as well as Shuffleboard etc. For team building or just for fun. When the meeting rooms are not booked, all guests have free access and can drop in and use them as a living room for spontaneous play.

Which hotel is the best?

Both of them! But in completely different ways. What they have in common is that both have set high standards and managed to fully follow their concept. Visit the hotels and experience for yourself next time you are in Stockholm or pass by Brunkebergstorg. For booking and more info on the hotels, click on the links below.
At Six Hotel             Hotel Downtown Camper
Universal Design Studio – created At Six Hotel

Universal Design Studio is an award-winning international architecture agency based in London. There other projects include the Ace Hotel, Vitra, LVMH, Victoria and Albert Museum, the Frieze Art Fair, the Science Museum and the National Gallery in London.
Stylt Trampoli – created Downtown Camper
Stylt was founded in 1991 by Erik Nissen Johansen, who has a great passion for using storytelling in various projects. The Norwegian has also written a book on the subject along with Lena Mossberg. Their office is located in Gothenburg, and in the portfolio Stylt has over 400 restaurants and around 250 hotels across Europe.
Lasse Olsson Photo photographs interiors, architecture and lighting. My newsletter is published 6-8 times a year. It presents photographed projects and reports from furniture fairs in Milan and Stockholm.