Newsletter no. 32 • AUGUST 2017

What do Ohad Naharin, Stina Nyberg, SU-EN Butoh and Theater Im Bahnhof have in common? can read about them, and their Nordic colleagues, in this MADEIN August Newsletter. Enjoy!
 - An evening with Ohad Naharin and Roy Assaf
photo: Mats Bäcker
KULT presents two of the leading artists in contemporary dance: The legendary Ohad Naharin and rising star Roy Assaf. World Premiere 9 Sep 2017. Runs until 15 Oct 2017.
Solely for GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, Ohad Naharin has created a new version of his work, DECADANCE, called DECADANCE GOTHENBURG. DECADANCE is a work in constant flux; a kind of collage of Ohad Naharin's best work.
KULT begins with SACRE, a world premiere created by the multi-award winning Israeli choreographer Roy Assaf, to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring, played by the Göteborg Opera Orchestra. Stravinsky depicts a brutal ritual in which a young person is selected as a sacrifice, performing a dance to the death as the music reaches a crescendo. Assaf will bring new meaning to the music while the men and women of the dance company will take turns in the sacrifice. 

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 - Creates a new work at the Museum of Dance in Stockholm (SE)
photo: Eva Björkman, Gunnar H Stening
Hagalund´s School, Uppsala (SE) has been the headquarters of SU-EN Butoh Company for 20 years. The company celebrates this occasion with performances and party on 26 Aug 2017. Guest artists are Junichi Kakizaki, Eva Björkman, Johannes Bergmark, Kirsten Holm, Nobuyuki Sugihara, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Sören Runolf, Agustin Ortiz Herrera, Hans T Sternudd and choir Munviga, together with workshop participants from SU-EN Butoh Company Summer Camp. Haglund Skola has a new permanent installation in the forest nearby, created by Nobuyuki Sugihara this summer.

27-29 Sep 2017 SU-EN Butoh Company performs the new work BODY GARDEN at Dansmuseet in Stockholm (SE). SU-EN and her coworkers create both a dance performance and a process-oriented art project. The room is defined by art objects - designed by visual artist Eva Björkman. An intimate relationship arises between the dancer and the art objects. Suddenly, the dancer has many more body parts than usual. Choreography by SU-EN, music by Ryoko Akama. Read more and book your ticket here.
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 - Performing at Tanz Im August
photo: Anders Lindén
The performance THE IMMUNE SYSTEM by Stina Nyberg, Rosalind Goldberg and Sandra Lolax is presented at Tanz Im August in Berlin (DE) 25, 26, 27 Aug 2017, with the possibility to meet the artists after the show on 26 Aug 2017. Read more here.
THE IMMUNE SYSTEM is a performance that in an intimate setting investigates the everyday and ordinary discomforts of the body. It departs from the political history of the body and the back side of well being, highlighting the soft, leaking, vulnerable parts of organic life. Stina Nyberg, Rosalind Goldberg and Sandra Lola have been working together since 2008. Their work have been presented at Tanztage Berlin, Lofft Leipzig, Schauspielhaus Chemnitz, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Uferstudios in Berlin and others. In Residency at: Coproduction: Mad House Helsinki, Skogen, Weld. Presented in the context of [DNA] Departures and Arrivals with support of the EU cultural programme.

 Read more about Stina Nyberg here.
Touring North America 
photo: Heikki Tuuli
Following a successful run at Southbank Centre's Royal Festival Hall in London, Tero Saarinen's creation for seven male dancers, MORPHED, will next take on North America. With performances in four cities in the USA and Canada, the October tour is the longest yet for Tero Saarinen Company. It includes a week-long season at The Joyce Theater in New York (18–22 Oct), with shows also at National Arts Centre in Ottawa (4–5 Oct), 62 Center for Theatre and Dance in Williamstown (13 Oct), and Dance House in Vancouver (27–28 Oct).
2018 opens with performances of MORPHED at Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris.

 Find out more about the company at madeintheweb
 - Celebrating five years of operation
photo: ilDance
ilDance's project based junior company, ilYoung is going on a Swedish tour throughout August and September with two new creations, #GHETTO and THE SOLUTION in a full program with ten young performers from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Australia: 19 Aug 2017 World premiere at Spira, Jönköping (SE), 26-27 Aug2017 Balettakademien, Stockholm (SE), 28-29  Aug 2017 Balettakademien's theater, Gothenburg (SE), 30 Aug 2017 Glashuset, Gislaved (SE), 9-10 Sep 2017 Murberget Länsmuseet Västernorrland, Härnösand (SE). Please get in touch with the company for tickets and more information.
CATHARSES was created in 2014. Since then it tours Sweden, UK, Israel & Armenia. In September 2017 the piece will be touring Denmark for the first time in collaboration with the Transformation Festivaland BIRCA17 Sep 2017 Transformation Festival at Theatre Island - Copenhagen (DK), 19 Sep 2017 BIRCA, Bornholm (DK), 21 Sep 2017 Sorgenfri Kirke, Virum  (DK).
ilDance is celebrating five years of operation across Sweden and internationally. One of the activities that the company is bringing forward to mark the exciting achievement is a tour of a unique program to cities that the company has not performed in before. BACK 2 BACK includes AN I FOR AN I together with CATHARSES10-11 Oct 2017 Bastionen, Malmö (SE), 13-14 Oct 2017 Martin Mutter, Örebro (SE).

Read more about ilDance at madeintheweb
- New work premieres in September

Gunilla Heilborn’s new piece THE WONDERFUL AND THE ORDINARY is under production and will premiere at the Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz, Austria, 29 Sep 2017. Watch a trailer here.
The piece is a coproduction with Theater im Bahnhof from Graz, and the Gunilla Heilborn Company. Three members from TIB, Monika Klengel, Pia Hierzegger, Lorenz Kabas and two performers from Sweden, Kristiina Viiala and Kenneth Bruun Carlsson dive into the complexity of remembering and forgetting. Our memory is the strangest thing; completely unreliable, constantly making up new stories. Yet it is still what defines us. Music composition, video and set is created by Kim Hiorthøy, Mårten Nilsson and Katarina Wiklund. Light design by Minna Tiikkainen.
The team will be in residence at Dansens hus, Stockholm (SE). At the end of the artistic process the whole team gathers in Graz in September. If you would like to attend any of the showings in Graz, or would like the full gig list, be sure to send a note to the company.

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 - On tour with CITY HORSES
photo. Tina Axelsson
In our cities, on bronze horses, proud kings quietly stare above our heads. Their history and visual male dominance daily manifested, and passed on to the next generation. Where are the women and their stories? This was the starting point for CITY HORSES - a city choreography about power, existence and the female body in the public space, a gallop through cities, a living monument in constant motion, celebrating female courage and power of all ages.
The work CITY HORSES by Byström Källblad premiered at Dansens Hus in Stockholm (SE) 27 May 2017.

Tour Aug-Sep 2017:
26 Aug 2017 Tierp at Tierps torgfest (SE), 2 Sep 2017 Enköping at Trädgårdsdagen (SE), 8 Sep 2017 Copenhagen at Dansehallerne (DK), 9 Sep 2017 Uppsala at Uppsala Art Museum (SE)

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Performing at Edinburgh Fringe
photo: Christoffer Brekne
DON GNU had great success with M.I.S. ALL NIGHT LONG at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year, receiving great reviews including a 5 star review from The Herald – so now the company is back on the Scottish dance floor presenting their new hilarious performance A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HELL, performing at C venue at 14.50 everyday 20 - 28 Aug 2017.
This time DON and GNU throw themselves into the iconic universe of silent films from a time with specks of white dust on the screen and Charlie Chaplin on the loose - but can they manage to stay within the frame? A SNOWBALL'S CHANCE IN HELL is an intimate and entertaining performance, drawing you into a world of simple human conflicts, failures and power struggles on a micro-level, where it is impossible not to laugh at the clown within ourselves...

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 - Creates site specific mixed reality walk
photo: Hosea Waore 
Where are you going? How do you relate to the person next to you? Marika Hedemyr's art explores emotional and political relationships between people and places. In her latest public works, she expands choreography and storytelling through new technology. A smartphone in your hand can open up new worlds and connections, and also create isolated bubbles and segmented societies. In NEXT TO YOU AT KORSVÄGEN, Hedemyr explores this paradox through an interactive walk where your choice of direction is crucial for the course of events. A private mixed-reality situation is created where the experience of the place and the passers-by is intensified. The work is created for and experienced at Korsvägen in Gothenburg (SE) 6 Sept - 19 Nov 2017. For information, opening hours and entrance to the walk, read more here.
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 - Touring over 100 performances this autumn
photo: E. Dobson
Panta Rei Dance Theatre´s latest production MAKE ME DANCE will premiere 1 Sep 2017 at Brageteatret, Union Scene in Drammen (NO). MAKE ME DANCE will tour over 100 performances this autumn. Read more about the tour dates here. In September the company is also touring I WISH HER WELL at CODA + festival 18, 20 and 21 Sep 2017 in Oslo, Norway and LULLABY to MuDa Africa in Dar es Salaam (TZ), 23 Sep 2017 and at In2iT festival in Norway 27 Sep 2017.
Panta Rei Dance Theatre has received a six million NOK project grant from the Savings Bank Foundation Sparebankstiftelsen DNB in 2017. This is the foundations largest support and commitment to dance ever. The project is called TILT, check out for more information!
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 - A new work premieres in September
Eva Ingemarsson´s new work MIRROR IN THE MIRROR will premiere at Atalante, Göteborg (SE) on 8 Sep 2017 and the performances run until 29 Sep 2017. Read more about dates and tickets here.
The piece is a free standing sequel to THE MIRROR - KAIROS (2013) and ZERKALO (2015) and it is the third and final part of the mirror trilogy. The mirror theme continues here, focusing on flashbacks and encounters with the past. The stage is composed of 16 big mirrors, aluminum pipes and bridges/paths for the audience. The audience wanders around in a great labyrinth among disseminated mirror lakes where the dancers are connected to their life lines. This piece can be viewed upon as a walk. It is a floating existence and subsistence, without fixed contours. Mirrors reflecting a world that is upside down. Images that are interpreting, scattering and ricocheting the environment.

photo: Anders Jirås
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 - Visiting more summer festivals 
photo: Mats Åsman
In August Claire Parsons Co. is performing their touring success AND THEN on 16 Aug 2017 at Gothenburg Culture Festival (SE), 19 Aug 2017 Stockholm Culture Festival (SE), 27 Aug 2017 H2O Jönköping Water Festival (SE).
In September AND THEN visits Gothenburg again, performing at Stora Teatern 25 Sep 2017.  Please contact the company for tickets and more information.

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 - New work ALAE premieres in September
photo: Chrisander Brun
30 Sep 2017 Andersson Dance (SE) opens the new work ALAE, created for the three performers Javier Perez, Ida "Inxi" Holmlund and Jernej Bizjak and pianist Per Tengstrand. The work is based on Beethoven sonatas. For full credits, tour dates and tickets - please read here. Co-production with Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg.
ALAE tour in Sweden 2017: 30 sept 2017 Växjö konserthus, 3 Oct 2017 Spira, Jönköping, 5-6 Oct 2017 Örebro Konserthus, 7 Oct 2017 Konserthusteatern, Karlskrona, 10 Oct 2017 Västerås Konserthus, 12 Oct 2017 Kungsbacka Teater, 13 Oct 2017 Stora Teatern, Göteborg, 15 -16 Oct 2017 Danscentrum, Stockholm, 18 Oct 2017 NorrlandsOperan, Umeå, 20 Oct 2017 Dieselverkstaden, Stockholm.

Andersson Dance  continues the in-depth collaboration with Scottish Ensemble (UK) as the GOLDBERG VARIATIONS - TERNARY PATTERNS FOR INSOMNIA journey continues during fall 2017 and spring 2018.
27-28 Oct 2017 Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble perform two nights at Shanghai Concert Hall in China. 26-28 April 2018 they are invited to perform four shows at The Kennedy Center in Washington, USA and three shows at The Barbican in London 5-7 June 2018. More information here.

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 - PROLOGUE explores the violence of language
photo: Chrisander Brun
In the new work PROLOGUE Björn Säfsten and Sophie Augot explore the violence of language. It's a game with both the syntax and the semantics of the body and it´s gestures. Bringing images to life that visually problematize our notion of interpretation. More info here. Co-production with NorrlandsOperan. PROLOGUE is presented at Dansens Hus, Stockholm (SE) on 5-6 Oct 2017.

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