The Perfect Match - Research and Education
Researchers and master students - matches perfectly!
"It's a win-win situation when a student joins your project"

Many Swedish and international students are presently writing their undergraduate or postgraduate theses within different CHILD-research projects.  
What is it like to do your thesis within an already ongoing research project? What does the student think? And what does the researcher think?
'It's a win-win situation!', says CHILD's research leader Professor Mats Granlund.

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Karina Huus,
Associate Professor and
Tutor of many Students
How paediatric specialist nursing care post graduates get deeply engaged in research

'We try to involve the students as much as possible in our ongoing research projects', says associate professor Karina Huus.
The involvement could be students collecting data or analyzing data that already have been collected.
'This allows the students to participate as part of a major research project, which makes the writing of their thesis meaningful to the students and they also contribute to the research', Karina Huus states.

Three examples of Student-Researcher Collaboration
How early interventions master students join CHILD projects while writing theses
The one-year and two-year master program Interventions in Childhood, is closely connected to ongoing research projects in the Child Research Group. This year the students write their master theses in form of systematic literature reviews. The intention is that their theses are closely connected to ongoing research projects.

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How master's theses tranforms into proper research articles
Read two very interesting practical examples on how PhD Margareta Adolfsson works with former student Jonna Mäkelä och PhD Maria Björk works with former student Margarete Hoppe.

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Researcher's Bulletin
CHILD has worked in a Unicef-project in Armenia since 2014
Project-closure in Armenia
The Armenian project (funded by Unicef) to support the Armenian government in developing a method to determine who has the right for support because of a disability, has come to and end. How did it go?

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Associate Professor Susanne Knutsson
New Associate Professor
PhD Susanne Knutsson at the School of Health and Wellfare, JU, gave her official lecture of becoming an associate professor on May 19. The title was "Children as next of kin - the meaning of encounter and understanding for health and wellbeing." Congratulations!
New PhD: Feeling secure in high technology health care settings
In April, Ingalill Gimbler Berglund successfully defended her doctoral thesis Developing guidelines in nursing care of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in high technology health care settings.

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New PhD: New perspectives on oral health of children with disabilities
In May, Johanna Norderyd successfully defended her doctoral thesis A biopsychosocial approach to functioning, oral health and specialist dental health care in children with disabilities – Swedish and international perspectives.
New PhD-students
Ann-Christin Björklund in Health and Care Sciences with the project "Supporting everyday Life in Children who have ended treatment for a braintumor - An intervention study".

For more information, contact: Ann-Christin Björklund
Sophie Mårtensson
Sophie Mårtensson in Health and Care Sciences with the project "Teaching nursing students a caring behaivor - an intervention study".

For more information, contact:  Sophie Mårtensson
Ellen Backman
Ellen Backman in Disability Research with the project "The meaning of mealtime - feeding, eating or social interaction for children with gastrostomy?"  
Ellen studies in Halmstad but is co-tutored from SIDR CHILD.

For more information, contact: Ellen Backman
Recently Published Articles by CHILD-members
Adolfsson, M., Johnson, E. & Nilsson, S. (2017). Pain management of children with cerebral palsy in school settings in two cultures: Action and reaction approaches. Disability and Rehabilitation. 

Augustine, L., Lygnegård, F., Granlund, M., & Adolfsson, M. Linking youths’ mental, psychosocial, and emotional functioning to ICF-CY: Lessons learned (2017) Disability and Rehabilitation 0963-8288 (Print) 1464-5165 (Online) Journal homepage:

Deramore Denver, B., Adolfsson, M., Froude, E., Rosenbaum, P., & Imms, C. (2017). Methods for conceptualising 'visual ability' as a measurable construct in children with cerebral palsy. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 17(46), 1-13.

Norderyd J, Faulks D, Molina G, Granlund M, Klingberg G. Which factors most influence referral for restorative dental treatment under sedation and general anaesthesia in children with complex disabilities: caries severity, child functioning, or dental service organisation? Int J Paediatr Dent. 2017 May 17.

Åström, F. M., Khetani, M., Axelsson, A K. Young Children's Participation and Environment Measure: Swedish Cultural Adaption. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics  ISSN: 0194-2638 (Print) 1541-3144 (Online) Journal homepage:
Job vacancies - come work with CHILD
The CHILD research team is seeking to add new research members. Look for information on the Jönköping University web site during week 24 or 25.
Professor/Associate Professor
The School of Education and Communication (HLK) at JU is seeking a Full Professor/Associate Professor in a relevant discipline (e.g., special needs education, psychology, disability science or other equivalent discipline) to join the CHILD interdisciplinary research programme. 
Further information is soon to be on: 
JU job vacancies
Senior Lecturer
The School of Education and Communication (HLK) at JU is seeking a senior lecturer in a relevant discipline (e.g., special needs education, psychology, disability science or other equivalent discipline) to join the CHILD interdisciplinary research programme. 
Further information is soon to be on:
JU job vacancies
Reminder: SIDR Summer School
Summer school on open science, reproducibility, and meta-analysis.
As part of the SIDR strategic initiative about raising the statistical competence, a summer school will be arranged in August.
This year’s Summer School will focus on open science, reproducibility, and meta-analysis.  

It's still possible to sign up