Water systems for life science
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New educational material                  

We are proud to publish our new brochure and educational movie to visualize how WFI and PS is produced with maximum efficiency giving our customers reliable supply for minimum cost.

Take a moment to study our True Combi Unit for simultaneously production of both 100% WFI and 100% Pure Steam

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System Engineering
Aqua-Nova Water room
Aqua-Nova recently commissioned a complete water room from design thru commission. 
Our Quality department supplied all documents from DQ to IQ/OQ.
Take a walk thru the water room.

Watch Movie!
Aqua-Nova is hiring
Contact us if you want to work internationally with a combination of direct sales and thru our network of Sales representatives. 
We need to further strengthen our sales and marketing team and look for talent with experience from equipment sales for pharma and life science. Technical interest, curiosity and customer satisfaction should describe you.