Villa Söderängsudden - a treasure  in Roslagen - Stockholm

In autumn 2006 an overgrown plot with some small houses on Fogdö island just north of Grisslehamn in the coastal area of Roslagen was purchased. After years of planning and hard work they now celebrate the 10th anniversary combined with a housewarming party. In this newsletter, you can see the finished results, which I hope will brighten up the winter darkness.
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A challenging lot with a fantastic location

The elongated lot is only 40 meters wide and slopes towards the water. Beyond the protective islands seen behind the bridge is the Baltic Sea towards Åland. Architect Olle Zidén says that the placement of the houses has largely been dictated by the lot’s easterly location and a requirement from the client that every house must have a clear view of the water.


38 sqm. and 10 doors

The first thing that was done was building a dock and a newly built guest house that can accommodate a variety of functions. It features a guest room, storage room, technical room, shower and sauna with an anteroom. So as not to obscure the view of the other houses, the solution became a compact, oblong house of 38sqm. with 10 doors. Thanks to the constricted portion (to the left) you can see the sea in two directions, both from the sauna and from the anteroom. In the foreground is a hot tub with the chimney to the wood-burning stove sticking up through the overlay.

In autumn and winter, you can light a warming fire. And when the light returns in the spring, the sliding doors can be opened so that you can enjoy nature with an open ceiling.


Archipelago theme with local connection

In the large main house the design follows an open floor plan and free views through the house. The materials are rustic with large stone floors that blurs the line between inside and outside.The facades are smooth or have been covered with cedar or alternatively white painted panels. The white panels are also used indoors to tie in with the theme of the archipelago.
The hall features a photo wallpaper from a sailing race in the outer archipelago that the owner of the house took part in, with seals as curious spectators.

Everything is new except the foundation

Parts of the bridge’s rock caisson, and the foundation of the children’s house is all that remains from when the site was purchased. Here by simple means the character of a traditional house seen from the entrance has been retained. Since the roof has been pulled out we get a completely different experience from the other side.

The garage makes any car lover jealous

The garage is built for cars but has been decorated so that it can also be used as a laundry room or for table tennis etc. Here we can see the tools and gadgets needed for car repairs, building projects and other ongoing activities, all neatly in place. There is also a car port.
With this last newsletter for this year, I would like to wish you all:

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Lasse Olsson Photo photographs interiors, architecture and lighting. My newsletter is published 6-8 times a year. It presents photographed projects, news from the world of photography, and reports from furniture fairs in Stockholm and Milan.