KPMG:s relocation creates new concept

KPMG is one of the world’s leading service companies offering audit, accounting, tax and advisory services. The Swedish operation was founded in 1923 and is represented in 60 locations with 1,700 employees.
In late summer 300 employees moved to a newly built headquarters located in Arenastaden in Solna outside of Stockholm (pictured above), while 500 employees moved into Ivar Tengbom’s classic modernist-style building from the 1930s located in downtown Stockholm (picture below).
In this newsletter I will describe in pictures the feel of KPMG’s new activity based offices. Click on the images to view a larger, more detailed version.


First meeting at the reception

The reception desk greets visitors and shows off the new concept, which offers various options for meetings and work. Note how the pattern of the perforated plate surrounding the reception desk is repeated in the foiled shielding of the meeting rooms.

Colors & Material

The warm, subdued color scheme combines with good acoustic damping to create a peaceful environment.  In the public areas, the floor is made up of glued rod parquet with adapted rugs in the meeting rooms and seating areas. In the majority of workplaces there is wall to wall carpeting in the form of tiles with textured patterns in a gray, beige and yellow color scale.

A nice detail, which is easy to miss, are the rooms with the faintly patterned wallpaper  
which, from a distance looks like painted walls. Click on the images above to see the structure.

Lounge & Activities

There are generous meeting venues adjacent to the small pantry that feature a soft lounge feeling. These internal spaces together with the meeting rooms are adapted to also be used for customer related activities.  With central locations downtown and at Arenastaden, KPMG is close to its customers allowing them easy access to the offices.

The contact connection
The two floor levels are linked by steps, which helps to connect the space with the internal work places. The grand staircase is a good example of how to create contact by making a light and visual passageway.

Technical meetings

The relocation also provided the opportunity to drive the digitization of various work processes. Many of the meeting rooms offer intelligent video conferencing that reduce the dependence on travel.

Varied meetings with great views

The size and privacy possibilities vary greatly between various meeting rooms and venues. The premises in the center of Stockholm are situated on levels 5 and 6, and the views are a bonus. On one side of the building there is a nice urban view of Stockholm’s Central Station, City Hall and the Riddarfjärden lake. The other side features views of Klara Church and also showcases mature parkland with trees spreading out across the rooftops.

Storage & Privacy

While the new environment is open and transparent it presents a challenge to the confidential nature of KPMG’s operation. The offices are strictly divided into an external space with meeting rooms and lounges as well as an internal component with offices, meeting rooms and lounges. Within the internal space there is the possibility for closed meetings and project rooms for some clients.

All employees have their own locker with space to hang clothing and store personal belongings. The black toolbox holds the most important things. It is taken to meetings in the office or the workplace.   The lock opens with the same card used on entry to the office.

A palette of work places

After careful analysis, the new activity based office environment has been designed for how people work today and how they want to work in the future. Employees have a choice of ten different kinds of working environments to choose from depending on what is needed to perform their current job duties.
Unlike many other activity-based workplaces, where bright colors and playful furniture can take the upper hand, KPMG’s offices encourage a liberating focus on concentration, functionality and ergonomics.

Books still exists

Despite IT and digitization, whiteboards are still used. Likewise, law books containing statutes and other legal subjects are an important part of KPMG’s operations. The books have been gathered in a central library where one can sit and read in peace or have meetings in close proximity to the material.

Finally, we gather in the kitchen

As always, the kitchen is a natural gathering place. KPMG’s coffee room is adjacent to the company’s service center for internal support of HR, IT and office services, etc.

The architect for the project was Strategisk Arkitektur and Evert Lindelöf has coordinated and been responsible for the deliveries of furnishings. If you want to read more about KPMG’s activities, click here.
Lasse Olsson Photo fotograferar inredning, arkitektur och belysning. Mitt nyhetsbrev kommer ut 6-8 gånger per år och presenterar fotograferade projekt och nyheter inom fotovärlden samt rapporter från möbelmässorna i Stockholm och Milano.