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Eizo eNews May 2011
eNews this month will inform you about the medical exhibition coming up in May, photo seminar and product awards.

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Exhibition - Medicinteknik & Medicinsk IT 2011

EIZO will display its latest medical monitor solutions at medical exhibition held in Stockholm, Sweden on May 17-18.


INVITATION!Contact us for a free ticket!
(Please write 'Ticket M&M IT' in the message field).
For product demonstrations and information on new products please contact Eizo Europe AB, Klas Larborn - Sales Manager Medical Klas will be at the exhibition and can also be contacted on cell phone +46-705-24 68 58. 
EIZO will show ... 

Large Monitor Managers improve workflow 
EIZO offers two Large Monitor Manager products for flexible signal routing, layout and display on EIZO’s high resolution monitors – one model with 21 inputs for RadiForce LS560W, 8 megapixel 56” monitor and one with 8 inputs for RadiForce RX430, 4 megapixel 30” monitor. Both Large Monitor Managers gather various video inputs, combine and arrange them in accordance with user preferences, and display the resulting output on one large monitor. Picture arrangements can be stored and recalled to simplify the users individual preferences.
RadiForce EX240W - Surgical Monitor

RadiForce EX240W is a 24" wide color monitor ideal for use with endoscopic systems in the operating room. It offers multiple input signals to allow connections with both legacy and state-of-the-art endoscopic systems without need of other optional devices or costs.
RadiForce RX430 - Unique 4MP Widescreen for Color and Monochrome in Diagnostic and OR 
The RadiForce RX430 is the world’s first monitor to simultaneously display color and monochrome images with their own gamma curves. The high resolution of 4 megapixels gives this monitor the same amount of screen size and number of pixels as two 2 megapixel monitors in portrait mode but without the obtrusive bezels.

Eizo on Network Innovation Photo Tour 2011

Our Partner Network Innovation has the knowledge and the products that ensure photographic production with predictability in color and content from picture to publication.

Network Innovation now welcomes professionals who work with photography and video to a seminar that will give you information about the very latest technology as well as practical advice on how to gain control over the colors and the result throughout the process.


EIZO FlexScan SX2462W and S2243W awarded by Swedish Kamera & Bild

FlexScan SX2462W and FlexScan S2243W awarded 'Top Class' and 'Test Winner' respectively by Swedish Kamera & Bild.
SX2462W - See your creative ideas come to life on the SX2462W and in more detail then you imagined with features like a wide color gamut and 10-bit simultaneous display.
S2243W - This 22" monitor for home office, business, CAD, and digital photography presents a cost- and space-saving alternative to 24.1" monitors by offering the same 1920 × 1200 resolution in 10% less desk space. This model is equipped with our FlexStand with 90° Pivot + DisplayPort. 
Go to the EIZO FlexScan SX2462W product page here!
Go to the EIZO FlexScan S2243W product page here!
Source: Kamera & Bild #3-2011, by Elin Parmhed and Eva-Teréz Gölin

EIZO FlexScan SX2762W best in test at PCWorld Norway   

PC World Norway wrote:

"The monitor has one of the best color spectrums that we ever measured."
"If the image quality is important to you, you never make a misstake buying an Eizo monitor."

Featuring an impressive 27-inch screen, wide color gamut, and hardware calibration capability with the optional EIZO EasyPIXcolor matching tool, the FlexScan SX2762W makes it easy for professionals in graphic design, digital photography, CAD/CAM, and DTP to get predictable color results.
Go to the EIZO FlexScan SX2762W product page here!
Source: PC World Norway No. 4 - 2011 by Kurt Lekanger

EIZO’s guide to a deeper understanding of digital photography   

What defines a monitor with correct display capabilities?
What is the ideal work environment?
What are the optimal settings for my retouch software or printer driver?
Read and learn from our latest brochure about digital photography,
-click here for an interactive online version!
-click here for the pdf version!


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To find handy medical installation hints please click here!


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