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Eizo eNews February 2011
eNews this month will inform you about the exhibitions coming up in March and our new product releases.

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Exhibition - ECR

EIZO will display its latest medical monitor solutions at ECR 2011 held in Vienna Austria on March 4-7.


EIZO Nanao Corp. / EIZO GmbH Display Technologies, a leading manufacturer of products for medical imaging applications, will display EIZO's latest medical monitor solutions at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2011 in Austria.
Digital Mammography Monitors
It is vital in the process of early breast cancer detection that monitors display accurate and consistent quality images. EIZO provides optimum diagnosis confidence with distinctive versions of the RadiForce 10 megapixel and 5 megapixel monitors for digital mammography imaging.
Diagnostic Monitors
RadiForce G&R-Series specially designed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 megapixel monochrome and color monitors take full account of medical institutions’ need for different types of monitors with DICOM Part 14 standard calibration and high-performance capabilities required for confident diagnosis.
Clinical Review Monitors
The RadiForce MX-Series of cost performance clinical review monitors deliver calibration that is compliant with DICOM Part 14. Ideal for viewing patient charts with MRI and CT medical images in DICOM Part 14 standard. Widescreen and square formats in various resolutions to meet the diverse needs of hospitals.
Surgical Monitors
As the variety of different picture sources increases, state-of-the-art operating rooms are increasingly shifting from traditional X-ray film to displaying images on monitors. These images originate from boom and endoscopy cameras to C-arms and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). With EIZO’s RadiForce surgical monitors, all images can be conveniently provided for clear decision-making and the highest diagnostic precision.
Along with the above mentioned monitor solutions, EIZO will exhibit its complete product range which also includes quality control software, touch panel monitor solutions and various accessories such as the DVI transmission link. Furthermore EIZO will give an impression to future technology, showing their permanent work in innovation and in providing products which are exactly matched to your needs.
To see the newest models that will be shown please click here!
For product demonstrations and information on new products please contact Eizo Europe AB, Klas Larborn - Sales Manager Medical Klas will be at ECR and can also be contacted on cell phone +46-705-24 68 58.


EIZO completes Line of Surgical Monitor Solutions

EIZO Europe AB has introduced a new line of surgical monitors, the RadiForce E-Series. E-series consists of four models in different sizes from 15" to 24" wide and is also complemented by selected large medical monitors in RadiForce L and R-series.
Large Monitor Managers improve workflow 
EIZO Europe AB now introduces its new Large Monitor Manager LMM0801-L. This image manager allows the flexible composition of digital images on large format monitors for interventional radiology, cardiology and surgery.
RadiForce MX - Review monitors with MDD-certification

RadiForce MX-Series introduced by Eizo earlier this year is a wide range cost effective MDD certified review monitors that can be calibrated to DICOM part 14 standard and connected to Eizo RadiNETPro QC network.
RadiForce RX430 - Unique 4MP Widescreen for Color and Monochrome in Diagnostic and OR 
First announced in September RadiForce RX430 features a unique Hybrid Gamma function that makes it the world s first* monitor capable of simultaneously displaying monochrome and color images with their own gamma curves.
RadiForce MX - Review monitors with MDD-certification

RadiForce MX-Series recently introduced by Eizo is a wide range cost effective MDD certified review monitors that can be calibrated to DICOM part 14 standard and connected to Eizo RadiNETPro QC network.
RadiForce MX - Review monitors with MDD-certification 
RadiForce MX-Series recently introduced by Eizo is a wide range cost effective MDD certified review monitors that can be calibrated to DICOM part 14 standard and connected to Eizo RadiNETPro QC network.
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Exhibition - ATC Global

EIZO will display its ATC solutions at the ATC Global exhibition in Amsterdam The Netherlands on March 8-10.

Eizo will show a range of Raptor and FlexScan monitors for Air Traffic Control usage. The Raptor series brings together excellent LCD image quality with leading-edge graphics board technology for air traffic control workstations.

Shown is also Re/Vue, a video recording product that fulfils the specific capture, compression, and data archive requirements found in ATC, training and simulation, and command and control environments and High-Brightness monitors for ATC towers.
Come visit us at Amsterdam RAI booth H614!
Click here to go to the official ATC Global website!

For product demonstrations and information on new products please contact Eizo Europe AB, Bjorn Johannesson - Marketing Manager Björn will be at ATC Global and can also be contacted on cell phone +31-6-4510 2291.

Eizo Nanao Corporation (EIZO) is a leading manufacturer of high-end visual display systems for air traffic control and other specialty fields such as radiology, digital photography, financial trading and home entertainment. EIZO offers an extensive selection of monitors for ATC including 2K x 2K monitors as well as standard and widescreen formats from 15 to 27 inches. The company also has an extensive lineup of 2D graphics boards as well as a recording and compression hardware/software solution designed for ATC.

EIZO maintains its own R&D, quality control, and manufacturing facilities so it can keep close control over its production quality. This translates into higher reliability and allows the company to offer a five year warranty for most of its products. EIZO is based in Japan and listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 6737). The company is represented in more than 60 countries by a network of subsidiaries and distributors dedicated to providing professional service and support.

EIZO Announces 27" Monitor with Wide Color Gamut for Graphics and Digital Photography

The FlexScan SX2762W, a 27-inch monitor for professionals in graphic design, CAD/CAM, DTP, and digital photography.

The FlexScan SX2762W uses an IPS (in-plane switching) LCD panel with a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 (16:9 aspect ratio). This is more pixels than produced by two 19-inch monitors with a 1280 x 1024 native resolution which allows ample space for displaying graphics applications and tool palettes. It has a maximum brightness of 270 cd/m², contrast ratio of 850:1, 6 ms gray-to-gray response time and 178° viewing angles.
DVI-D, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort are included. DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort accept both video and audio signals simultaneously while Mini DisplayPort offers connection with Macintosh and Windows-based notebook computers.  
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Eizo Cares About the Environment

“EcoView” embodies EIZO’s concept of combining ergonomic and environmental features for an economical result. A monitor with EcoView features delivers increased comfort, reduced environmental burden, and ultimately lower running costs. It is ideal for corporate and government facilities as well as small and home offices that are concerned with the environment but require a high-quality monitor.

We would like to introduce you to the EcoView features and explain how they make viewing an EIZO monitor more comfortable while reducing energy consumption.
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EIZO EasyPIX Color Matching Tool to Support Hardware Calibration  

Eizo has announced version 2 of its EIZO EasyPIX color matching tool. This new version will support hardware calibration, thereby expanding its appeal from amateur photographers to a much wider audience of professionals in digital photography and other color-critical fields such as graphic design, pre-press, and animation CAD.

With this update, EasyPIX can now be used with compatible EIZO FlexScan monitors to provide color professionals with a cost-effective hardware calibration solution. Hardware calibration produces more predictable and accurate color results than third-party software calibration solutions by directly adjusting the monitor’s color settings rather than the output of the computer’s graphics board.
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