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Eizo eNews November 2010 - FORIS Special!

eNews this month will inform you about FORIS FS2331, our new monitor for Game, Photo and Video enthusiasts.

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A new monitor experience for Game, Photo and Video enthusiasts 
The FORIS FS2331 is a 23" home entertainment monitor with the image quality and feature set to make it optimal for gaming, watching videos, photo editing, and reading ebooks.

The FORIS FS2331’s versatile connections include dual HDMI inputs to connect with devices such as Blu-ray disc players, HD game consoles, and computers. Up to four PCs can be connected at once using DVI-D (digital) and D-Sub (analog) PC inputs along with the HDMI inputs.

Go to the FS2331 product page
here >>

Eizo FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish PC För Alla (PC For All)  

"Eizo mostly known as supplier of expensive professional monitors has succeeded real well with its new exclusive gamers monitor".

PC For All wrote (translated from Swedish):

"The image quality is excellent, the high contrast enables the monitor to differentiate real dark and real bright shades. The colors are moderate and correct rather than vivid. The blackness is absolutely marvelous even when you turn up the brightness”.

“For the photo enthusiast the option Eizo EasyPIX is available, this for less than Euro 200, a calibrator and software enabling you to hardware calibrate the monitor”.

Read the review at PC För Alla 
here >> (in Swedish)

Source: Martin Agfors 2010-11-12, PC För Alla

Eizo FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish Ljud&Bild
"The blackness is amongst the best that we have ever seen on a monitor."

Ljud&Bild wrote (translated from Swedish):

"When viewing the tested monitors from a side angel and from the above there is only one monitor that seem not to be influenced - the FORIS FS2331"

"All monitors that can be used to more image sources should have a remote control as Eizo's FORIS FS2331"

"Eizo's FORIS FS2331 has the best image, best viewing angles and the best image control..."

"The complete blackness you 'get for free' and when you have seen what that means to your image you do not want to be left without it"

+ Remote control
+ Deep black
+ Image control


Read the initial news article at Ljud&Bild 
here >> (in Swedish)

For the complete test we refer to Ljud&Bild magazine #11, 2010

Ljud&Bild is a member of EISA – the European Imaging and Sound Association -

Source: Petter Hammarbäck - Ljud&Bild # 11, 2010

Eizo FORIS FX2431 tested and recommended by Norwegian

“We would like to recommend it for practically all types of usage. Its image quality, connections and menu system only, makes this a good product in its price class." wrote (translated from Norwegian):

+ Excellent image quality
+ Good black level
+ Anti glare panel
+ Good connectivity
+ Useful menu system

Read the whole test at 
here >> (in Norwegian)

Source: Editorial by Jørgen Elton Nilsen November 2, 2010 17:21 -

See Eizo FORIS FS2331 at Dreamhack Winter 2010 

Eizo will be showing its new Gaming model FORIS FS2331 at 'Dreamhack Winter 2010' November 25-28, held at Elmia - Jönköping, Sweden.

Dreamhack is the world’s largest digital festival and holds the official world record as world’s largest LAN party in the Guinness Book of Records. During 2009 Dreamhack reached over 200.000 unique visitors with our live activities around the World. Dreamhack holds several festivals each year, BYOC Qualifiers and expos. The Spring Season ends with the Season Finals at Dreamhack Summer and the Fall Season ends with Dreamhack Winter. The major festivals take place during 4 days, 24-7. All of Dreamhack’s festivals are alcohol and drug free and open to all ages. Swedish national television, SVT Play, is broadcasting the event live.

Eizo is main sponsor to the StarCraft II tournament at Dreamhack Winter 2010.

For more information please contact Eizo Europe AB, Bjorn Johannesson - Marketing Manager
What is Dreamhack >>
Read more about Eizo at Dreamhack here >> 


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