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Eizo eNews September 2010

eNews this month will inform you about the upcoming medical exhibitions, our latest product awards and product news!

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EIZO will be showing its latest medical monitor solutions at 'Röntgenveckan' and 'RSNA 2010'

Eizo will be showing its latest medical monitor solutions at Röntgenveckan 2010 September 20 - 24, Conventum, Örebro, Sweden and at the Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America held November 28 - December 3, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Read more about our new models below!

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Come visit us at RSNA, our locations are;
Eizo Nanao Technologies, Inc
South Hall, #4203

For product demonstrations and information on new products please contact Eizo Europe AB, Klas Larborn - Sales Manager Medical



Read more about the RadiForce medical products here!


RadiForce RX430 – Unique 4MP Widescreen for Color and Monochrome in Diagnostic and OR 


First announced on September 1st the RX430 features a Hybrid Gamma function that makes it the world’s first* monitor capable of simultaneously displaying monochrome and color images with their own gamma curves.

Hybrid Gamma automatically distinguishes whether the displayed images are monochrome or color even within the same application. It displays the monochrome images in DICOM Part 14 adjusted mode and the color images in gamma 2.2 adjusted mode The screen size and native resolution of 4 megapixels (2560 x 1600) for a 16:10 widescreen format give this monitor the same amount of screen size and number of pixels as two 2 megapixel monitors in portrait mode but without the obtrusive bezels.

The RadiForce RX430 supports an Integrated Front Sensor housed within the front bezel to provide independent verification measurement of the grayscale tones and to perform calibration compliant to DICOM Part 14. It also comes with an integrated presence sensor that offers convenience and energy savings. The presence sensor will prompt the monitor to switch to power save mode when it detects the user is away from the monitor and then resume normal operation when the user returns.

* Statement reflects EIZO’s internal findings as of September 2010.

Read the full press release on RX430 here >> 

Go to the RX430 product page here >>

RX430 will be shown in the Eizo booth at Röntgenveckan 2010 and at RSNA 2010


RadiForce GX1030 10 MP Widescreen for Digital Mammography


EIZO Europe AB recently announced the RadiForce GX1030, a new widescreen 10 megapixel monochrome monitor for digital mammography and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) applications.

The RadiForce GX1030 features a native 4096 × 2560 resolution on a 30 inch screen. The monitor is ideally suited for displaying digital mammography or other large and finely detailed DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) images.

With its widescreen format, the RadiForce GX1030 is an optimal replacement for traditional dual head 5 MP monitor installations. The consistent color point and bezel-less configuration of a single monitor serve to reduce eye fatigue for the radiologist while lowering the administrative and QA costs for the operator. With the unobstructed viewing space, applications can offer greater hanging protocol flexibility for richer comparisons between past and present images. 

Read the full press release on GX1030 here >>

GX1030 will be shown in the Sectra booth at Röntgenveckan 2010 and at RSNA 2010

RadiForce MS230W Cost Efficient 23” Widescreen for Clinical Review


Eizo Europe AB announced on September 1st the release of the 23-inch RadiForce MS230W (1920 x 1080 native resolution) to its RadiForce MX-series of clinical review monitors.

The RadiForce MS230W joins the 17, 19, 21.3, 22, 24.1, and 29.8-inch models already available for a full lineup of LCD color monitors uniquely designed to meet the needs of a filmless environment where clinical records and DICOM images need to be displayed. The RadiForce MS230W is a cost-efficient alternative to fully-fledged diagnostic monitors for hospital information systems (HIS). It features a DICOM mode whose grayscale tone is preset on the production line for reviewing medical images with patient charting applications. The CAL Switch function offers five modes for brightness and grayscale adjustment that can be selected with a single front panel button. The five modes are DICOM, Custom, sRGB, Movie and Text modes.

Read the full press release on MS230W here >> 

Go to the MS230W product page here >>


MS230W will be shown in the Eizo booth at Röntgenveckan 2010 and at RSNA 2010


EIZO ColorEdge CG243W tested and awarded by Danish flatpanels

ColorEdge CG243W LCD monitor has achieved the 'Reference Award' and will serve as a future reference at FlatpanelsHD in their monitor reviews. This marks the second time that an EIZO product has won this award. The name tells most of the story but to clarify Flatpanels hand out this Award to a monitor that is simply the best in its category. Afterwards they use this as a reference when measuring on and evaluating other monitors.

 Flatpanels wrote (translated from Danish):

"Picture quality is fantastic. Color accuracy is close to perfect and I experienced no problems with color graduation in our gradient tests. The backlight homogeneity was 99 % perfect and the viewing angles are fairly wide. The response time is semi-fast and I experienced no Overdrive trailing making CG243W suited for video editing and playback."

"Not since 2007 have we awarded a monitor with a Reference Award but I will now transfer the monitor Reference Award to CG243W and it will serve as a future reference here on FlatpanelsHD in our monitor reviews."

Read the whole test at here (in Danish) or in English at!

Source: Editorial by Rasmus Larsen 10 August 2010 - and

Go to the CG243W product page here >> 

Eizo ColorEdge CG245W Self-calibrated color monitor awarded

Eizo ColorEdge CG245W color monitor awarded 'Topp Choice' by Norwegian Magazine Fotografi and maximum points in test by PC World Norway. wrote:
"With this monitor you safely can go to sleep while it will calibrate itself. You do not even have to keep your computer on while it happens"
"ColorEdge CG245W is a monitor with an abundance of advanced technology, but still made easy to use"

PC World wrote:
"Eizo ColorEdge CG245W is an impressive monitor with fantastic image quality"

Source: Tidskriftet Fotografi No. 3 -2010 and PC World Norway No. 6 - 2010 by Kurt Lekanger

ColorEdge CG245W is the first monitor in the graphics industry with a built-in calibration sensor and self-calibrating capability. Designed for pre-press, digital photography, video editing, and post production work, this 24.1" LCD monitor houses a built-in calibration device in its upper bezel that swings down at user-scheduled times. This eliminates the need for a third party external calibration device which must be manually placed over the monitor’s screen and then removed again every time calibration is performed. 

Go to the CG245 product page here >> 

EIZO Equips LFV En Route Centers in Stockholm and Malmö with New Monitors

Eizo Europe AB has successfully completed two installations of more than 120 monitors for Swedish air navigation services provider Luftfartsverket (LFV) at its en route centers in Stockholm and Malmö.

The monitors installed are the 2Kx2K (28-inch) Raptor SQ2801, the 21-inch FlexScan S2100, the 24-inch FlexScan S2433W, and the 30-inch FlexScan SX3031WLFV is using the FlexScan monitors for surveillance positions, test environments, and ATC simulation.

“Our ability to supply a wide range of monitors in different screen sizes and formats was instrumental in meeting LFV’s needs for this project,” said Christer Lindblom, president of Eizo Europe AB. “As a specialist in visual display products, we can offer air navigation service providers high quality products for almost any installation requirement.”

The first installation was completed at the Malmö ATCC in November 2009 and consisted of the aforementioned FlexScan monitors. The second installation was completed at the Stockholm ATCC in March of this year and consisted of the FlexScan monitors and the Raptor SQ2801.

LFV is a public enterprise with 1,400 employees and its primary task is to supply safe, effective and environmentally-friendly air navigation services to civil and military aviation customers.


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