photo: Erik Berg

Nagelhus Schia Productions is thrilled to announce that the company on 14-15 June 2024 will perform German choreographer Sasha Waltz’ masterpiece IN C on the rooftop of The Norwegian Opera & Ballet for the second time! With 16 dancers, including 4 guest dancers from Sasha Waltz & Guests, and Martin Horntveth aka Gouldian Finch playing an electronica version of Terry Riley's iconic music love, this is an experience not to be missed! Read more here.
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photo: Lia Jacobi

Norrdans' quadruple bill, STUFF IN THE PARK, is right now on an exciting tour, traveling from Haparanda in northern Sweden to Berlin (DE) with numerous stops along the way. Featuring works by four choreographers from the Nordic countries, the company invites the audience to experience a diverse mix of colorful, raw, and playful choreographic proposals, each bringing a unique flavor as they move the audience from one location to another. Choreographers are Janina Rajakangas, Sigrid Stigsdatter, Philip Berlin, Ingrid Berger Myhre.

The upcoming stops in the nearest future are 13-14 June 2024 at Sergels torg and 15 June 2024 at Konsthall C in Stockholm (SE). The tour ends in Mannaminne, Nordingrå (SE), on 5 July 2024. Read more and book your ticket here. STUFF IN THE PARK is now available for booking for Spring 2025!

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photo: Thomas Hultgren

”Three dancers show up at a place close to you. A yellow ball rolls across your space. A cone stands next door, red clubs fly by and a yellow companion appears.”

Now is the time for Claire Parsons Co.'s outdoor special YELLOW (from 3 years). In June and July, these three figures show up in central Stockholm (SE) and the suburbs.

Performance dates in Stockholm (SE): 13 June 2024, Summer in Medis, Medborgarplatsen, 14 June 2024, Parkleken Odlarängen, Farsta, 3 July 2024, Hågelbyparken, Tumba
Meanwhile, the company is preparing to take MARMALADE to Italy for the OperaEstate festival in Bassano del Grappa. MARMALADE performs on 6 July 2024 as part of Minifest, the festival's program for young audiences.

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photo: Karsten Piper

Choreographer-dancer Taneli Törmä's (DK/FI) and theatre director Caroline McSweeney's (DK/IE) production DANCE OF THE FISHERMAN will be staged on three islands; Bergö, Korpo and Hailuoto (FI) in July 2024. 

The project is a collaboration between the three coastal Regional Dance Centers in Finland: The Regional Dance Centre of Ostrobothnia, JoJo – Oulu Dance Centre (The Regional Dance Centre of Northern Finland) and The Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland.

DANCE OF THE FISHERMAN is a site-specific walking performance, which will be performed together with local performers in Bergö on 12 July 2024, Korpo on 19-20 July 2024 and Hailuoto on 27 July 2024. Read more here.

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photo: Israel Aloni

This summer, as part of the Dancing Histor(y)ies Creative Europe project, ilDance will present a trio of site-specific works in Serbia, Spain, and Italy that engage deeply with the local history and contemporary culture. The artistic work was developed in collaboration between the choreographer and the performers in response to the immense knowledge and references gained throughout visits and workshops in Viminacium (RS), Mérida (ES), and Tharros (IT) as part of the research process within the project. Choreography by Israel Aloni and the performers. Read more here.
Performing dates:
6 June 2024, STILL MOVING BODIES, Viminacium Archaeological Park (RS)
5 July 2024, ONE DAY WE WILL BE STATUES, Portico del Foro, Mérida (ES)
12 July 2024, LIVING IN TOPHET, Tharros heritage site (several locations) (IT).

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photo: Jubal Battisti

Jo Strømgren Kompani´s latest production, THE BASEMENT, premiered at The Norwegian Opera & Ballet on 23 May 2024 and is now ready for touring! THE BASEMENT is about love for women long dead and forgotten by the world. Critics praise the exceptional choreography and remarkable performances, calling the dancers "versatile shape-shifters" with precise interaction, and commend the striking synergy between the scenography, light, and choreography. For more information go here.

This summer from 27 June 2024 to 21 July 2024, Jo Strømgren Kompani presents a Summer Program at The Norwegian Opera & Ballet. Enjoy a unique family-friendly experience with three daily shows (except Mondays). JSK is taking over the Opera House with a special program featuring audience favorites A DANCE TRIBUTE TO THE ART OF FOOTBALL and MADE IN OSLO in shorter versions at reduced ticket prices. These globally acclaimed performances are perfect for introducing children and young people to the performing arts. JSK aims to make high-quality art accessible to all.

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photo: Lou T Lundqvist

Korda Art in Motion Dance Company celebrates 12 years with dance art and visual art close to nature and the forests in Dalarna and Gävleborg in the middle of Sweden. Visit the Forest Garden and new experiences of dance and visual art at Matsesgarden Stigsbo!

On 7 July 2024 is the opening of this year´s art exhibition with work by Kaj Ard, Stefan Fransson, Maria Hamberg, Pontus Ersbacken, Lars Boberg, Meg Ersbacken Engman, Florent Chamard, Marie Noree, together with KORDAs setdesigner and visual artist Lou T Lundqvist at Gallery Klingbyggningen, Matsesgarden Stigsbo. Read more here.

On the 26 July 2024 is the premiere of GAVIA ARCTICA - with additional performances 27-28 July and 16-18 Aug 2024. This is a unique dance art nature experience, this year inspired by GAVIA ARCTICA, the arctic waterfowl, Gästrikland's landscape bird (Storlommen), the lake Grycken, the Forest Garden, the trees, and the grass. The choreographer is Linda Forsman. More information and tickets here.

Solo performance by Linda Forsman on 9-11 Aug 2024 followed by a workshop, and on 10 Aug 2024 a conversation between Linda Forsman, choreographer, and Christel Östfelt, psychoanalyst. More information and tickets here

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photo: Thomas Zamolo

Cristina Caprioli - CCAP will present several performances and receive the Golden Lion Award for Life Achievement at Biennale Danza 2024 in Venice.

The Italian/Swedish dancer and choreographer Cristina Caprioli is the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement of Biennale Danza 2024. A leading figure in Scandinavian dance, the international reach of Cristina Caprioli's thought and work, writes the director of the Dance department Wayne McGregor in his motivation, "has quietly and substantially influenced multiple generations of choreographers during her three decades of provocative physical research".

Between 18 July and 3 Aug 2024several productions by Cristina Caprioli (including a new commissioned work by the Biennale) will be presented at the Biennale. Read more here.
The Golden Lion award ceremony will be held on 21 July 2024 in Sala delle Colonne in Ca' Giustinia. Full program here
photo: Thomas Zamolo
COSMETIC DEMONS: A CHOREOGRAPHIC SALON uses the hair salon as a metaphor for a place where our processes, emotions, and inner demons can have space to be shared and celebrated. Allowing visitors to indulge in a cosmetic transformation and a live conversation between a hairdresser and a client. In front of the chairs - where the mirror used to be - there is now a dancer. Three hairdressers, three clients, and three dancers play out a choreographic idea that becomes a fictive salon.
Performance dates: 28-29 Aug 2024, Göteborgs dans-och teaterfestival, Atalante (SE), 11 Sep 2024, Norrlandsoperan, Umeå (SE), 11-12 Oct 2024, Coda Oslo International Dance Festival (NO)

Producer: Sindri Runudde and Nordberg Movement. Co-production: Dansens Hus, Norrlandsoperan and Inkonst. Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Nordisk Kulturfond, and Region Skåne.

Find out more about Sindri Runudde here.
photo: Urban Jörén

The choreographer Anna Källblad's work FOR YOUR EYES ONLY is performed by dancer Kerstin Abrahamsson at Part of Art on 14 June 2024 in Örebro (SE).

The duo Byström Källblad is celebrating ten years of hosting and curating Blånagla Art Fest in Orrviken, Husum (SE) with art exhibitions, dance, and music performances on 3-4 Aug 2024, in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet.

Byström Källblad is presenting at the internationale tanzmässe 2024 and will soon release dates for performances of their new work CALLING WE ARE HERE which premiered on 4 May 2024 in Sala (SE).  
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photo: Louise Herrche Serup

On 28-31 Aug 2024 Convoi Exceptionell´s Artistic Director Jon Skulberg and International Representative Sigrid Aakvik will be attending the internationale tanzmesse in Dűsseldorf (DE). They look forward to connecting and sharing more about their upcoming season!
Following a remarkable 2023/2024 season, highlighted by the premieres of YOU ARE A DAY TOMORROW and THE WEATHER REPORT, the company eagerly anticipates what the 2024/2025 season will bring.
The spotlight this season is on the upcoming production DETACHED FROM OTHERS, a dance performance and a musical experience about loneliness. The basic elements are analog and acoustic - one body, one flame and the sound of a church organ. The piece is choreographed by Jon R. Skulberg. DETACHED FROM OTHERS will premiere in Copenhagen (DK) in February 2025. 

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photo: José Figueroa 

REALITY IS ROUND, Johansson's Pelargoner och Dans' new performance, is premiering at Norrlandsoperan on 6 Sep 2024. REALITY IS ROUND is a participatory dance performance for children aged 1-2 and their adults. Two dancers and a musician invite us to meet in the grand and irrational, exploring the limits of voice and body. The performance explores human connection and encounters beyond language through movement, light, sound, and form.

THE CHOREOGRAPHY is invited to BICT Fest, Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival, from 2-4 Aug 2024. BICT Fest has been delivering high-quality performing arts experiences to children and families in Thailand since 2016. The company is delighted to meet the young audience in Thailand!

On 20 Sep 2024, THE CHOREOGRAPHY will perform at Horsens Theaterfestival in Denmark. Horsens Theatre Festival presents around 35 children's and youth performances for both the audience and the industry.
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photo: Mathieu Verreault

RADIO III / ᎦᏬᏂᏍᎩ ᏦᎢ is an indigenous futuristic concert, a beautiful and uncomfortable dance performance, and a perverse triangle of shifting power that seeks to be unfaithful to both minimalism and postmodern dance's so-called "-neutrality-.." In this work, the artists seek to live, layer, and situate form in our bodies, as they evoke past, present, and future possibilities. Choreographed and performed by Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Zoë Poluch, and Elisa Harkins, music composed by Elisa Harkins, RADIO III was born partly from a common interest in minimalism in art and music.

Performing at the FURIES - contemporary dance festival: 26 July 2024 at 4:30 and 8:30 PM. Tickets here.
Please go here for more information.
Residencies, co-production: MAI, MDT, Dance Victoria, Agora de la danse, The Stable. Funded by Canada Council for the Arts, Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Tulsa Artist Fellowship.
Read more about the artists Zoë Poluch, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, and Elisa Harkins here.
photo: José Figueroa

Late spring has been a time of celebration! Congratulations to dancer Victor Persson who was awarded the Audience Prize at the SoloDuo International Tanzfestival in Köln (DE) on 11 May 2024 for the solo BAT TECHNO. BAT TECHNO was also performed in Mafra (PT) on 28 May 2024 by Sakari Romero Tuurala.

Virpi Pahkinen was one of five nominees for The Swedish Government Prize for the Cultural and Creative Industries, which was handed out at the Department of Foreign Affairs on 3 June 2024.

On 8 June 2024, William Nylind performed a solo in the park Tantolunden in Stockholm (SE) as a part of the Weld Extended program, where a young dancer gets to collaborate with a choreographer. 

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photo: Danish Dance Theatre

Danish Dance Theatre's new Artistic Director Marina Mascarell's first world premiere for the company is BLOODY MOON, inspired by Georges Bataille's work "Eroticism" and a celebration of the three forms of eroticism: the eroticism of the body, the eroticism of the heart, and the sacred eroticism.

Performance dates BLOODY MOON: 7-11 Aug 2024 Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark as part of Copenhagen Summer Dance 2024 (DK), 16-17 Aug 2024 Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, as part of Aarhus Summer Dance (DK),  31 Aug 2024 as part of Danshallerne Opening in Copenhagen (DK)

In his first collaboration with Danish Dance Theatre, Brazilian choreographer Renan Martins creates the site-specific duet WHEN WE BREAK - a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a poignant exploration of how conflict can pave the way for unexpected growth and connection.

Performance dates WHEN WE BREAK: 7-11 Aug 2024, Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen (DK), as part of Copenhagen Summer Dance 2024

The work by Adam Linder is called DRIP TEKHNE.  Adam Linder is known for his innovative and interdisciplinary approach to dance and performing arts. His works are visceral and intuitive, with a unique approach to the body and rhythm combining the earthy, industrial, classical, and urban.

Performance date DRIP TEKHNE: 19-24 Oct 2024, Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen (DK)
Read more about Danish Dance Theatre here
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