photo: Åsa Sjöström

INDIGO FLAMINGO is the new immersive show from Skånes Dansteater and Malmö Pride in Malmö (SE). Host and DJ Qarl Qunt invites the audience to step into the dreamlike clubland of INDIGO FLAMINGO, filled with the highs and lows of memories and ideas that appear out of the dance floor itself. 
It's a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the audience is invited to become part of the story in this two-hour interactive show, inspired by Malmö's queer people and places, past and present. Visitors can take to the dancefloor or simply soak up the atmosphere of the fabulous indigo-tinted world of lost memories and hidden surprises.
INDIGO FLAMINGO premieres on 3 July 2024. For five nights only, Skånes Dansteater will be transformed into INDIGO FLAMINGO, kicking off Malmö's Pride week. Choreography by Gwyn Emberton.
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photo: Jo Strømgren Kompani

THE BASEMENT premieres on 23 May 2024 in collaboration with the Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo (NO), with additional performances on 24-26 May 2024.

In a basement, we find four women, three dead and one alive. From the floor above, we hear the muffled voices of a men’s party. It’s sad. Until an arm twitches.

THE BASEMENT is on one level a delirious tribute to the millions of women throughout history doomed to a fate of early death and oblivion, guilty of nothing else than being women. On another level, it’s a confusing fable about reincarnation. If we wake up as someone else, are we able to fully represent that person or do we just find ourselves bewildered by weird costumes? While the men’s party continues above, the four women search for logic in their new reality. Or multiple realities. For more details and tickets go here.

JSK is funded by Fritt Ord Foundation, Norwegian Ministry of Culture, and by Danse- og teatersentrum / Performing Arts Hub Norway via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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photo: Håkan Jelk

DEEP DIVE premieres on 31 May 2024 at Dansenshus / Elverket in Stockholm (SE) with an additional performance on 1 June 2024. DEEP DIVE by choreographer Helena Franzén is a commissioned work for the graduates at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm (SE). About searching for deep waters, about following your instincts and really listening - inwardly and outwardly. Read more and book your ticket here
Helena Franzén performs the solo TRIA SOLO at Theatre X, Tokyo (JP) on 18 June 2024. After 35 years of intense work, Helena Franzén returns to her dancing self in an empty space. Read more here.

"It`s all about facing yourself, reconsidering what has been, embracing the physical experience of how to listen to your body and how to listen to the space and to the presence." Helena Franzén

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photo: Henrik Hellström
COSMETIC DEMONS: A CHOREOGRAPHIC SALON uses the hair salon as a metaphor for a place where our processes, emotions, and inner demons can have space to be shared and celebrated. Allowing visitors to indulge in a cosmetic transformation and a live conversation between a hairdresser and a client. In front of the chairs - where the mirror used to be - there is now a dancer. Three hairdressers, three clients, and three dancers play out a choreographic idea that becomes a fictive salon.
Performance date: 28-29 Aug 2024, The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (SE). 12-12 Oct 2024,Oslo International Dance Festival, CODA (NO).
Producer: Sindri Runudde and Nordberg Movement. Co-production: Dansens Hus, Norrlandsoperan and Inkonst. Supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Nordisk Kulturfond, and Region Skåne.

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photo: Lia Jacobi

Among budding flowers, fresh air, and summer vibes, world-class dance and choreography arise in Norrdans’ upcoming piece STUFF IN THE PARK. The audience is invited to experience four unique dance works by the Nordic country's currently most interesting choreographers. The piece is adapted to its space, touring different parks all around Sweden with a stop in Berlin.
Danish artist Sigrid Stigsdatter creates emotional work where the dancers move between dream and reality. Finnish choreographer Janina Rajakangas has worked a lot with amateurs in her artistry. It is political, humorous, and norm creative. Norwegian artist Ingrid Berger Myhre has made a name for herself as a consistent and playful choreographer. The Swedish choreographer Philip Berlin creates extreme and articulated dances that draw the viewer into intense moments of complete concentration.
STUFF IN THE PARK premieres on 24 May 2024 in Sundsvall (SE), followed by a vivid tour. Read more here
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Byström Källblad premiered CALLING WE ARE HERE in Sala (SE) on 4 May 2024, and the artistic duo is currently making plans for touring. Nine dancers explore the history of female strength and public presence through dance and voice in this work for public spaces. 
On 23 May 2024 Byström Källblad will talk and show film at the National Museum in Stockholm about their work CITY HORSES and on 3-4 Aug 2024 they put on BLÅNAGLA ART FEST in Orrviken Husum (SE).  Supported by The Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Region Västmanland and Stockholm and Västmanlandsmusiken. 

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photo: Louise Herrche Serup

Convoi Exceptionnel´s newest performance THE WEATHER REPORT, is showing 15-16 May 2024 in Copenhagen (DK), after premiering at Bora Bora, Aarhus (DK) and touring to RAS in Norway, with heartwarming response from both audiences and reviewers. THE WEATHER REPORT is a performance about unease, turbulence, and stability. An existential story about the relationship between psychiatry, aviation and how we, as humans, navigate a life with instability and turbulence.
"The peace that Convoi Exceptionnel creates, and the way Jon R. Skulberg tells about reality as he has experienced it, hits you right where you are most vulnerable. In the heart."
Company activities: 15-16 May 2024, performing THE WEATHER REPORT at Danshallerne in Copenhagen (DK), 30 May-1 June 2024 Convoi Exceptionnel international representative Sigrid Aakvik attends the CPH Stage International Days in Copenhagen (DK).

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photo: José Figueroa 

The company Johanssons pelargoner och dans hopes to meet you at bibu in Helsingborg (SE) – Sweden’s largest performing arts festival for a young audience - where I’M THINKING OF YOU is performing 11 shows from 15-17 May 2024.  I’M THINKING OF YOU (for ages 10 and up) is a participatory work that takes place in libraries. Read more here.

“The performance is a celebration of reading and libraries as defenders of democratic values and freedom of expression. Libraries are meeting places all over the world - a cultural policy statement” – The bibu jury.
THE CHOREOGRAPHY is invited to BICT Fest, Bangkok International Children’s Theatre Festival on 2-4 Aug 2024. BICT Fest has been delivering high-quality performing arts experiences to children and families in Thailand since 2016.
Parkteatern (free outdoor theatre) is taking over Sergels torg, a town square in the center of Stockholm (SE) during the summer months with a sparkling program of performing arts – and MEDELGYMPA is invited on 12 June 2024. MEDELGYMPA is presented in collaboration with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and DANSISTAN / CIRKUSISTAN. More info here.
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photo: Hanna Magdalena Gödl

ilDance is thrilled to announce the upcoming performances during this summer, as part of the Creative Europe project DANCING HISTOR(Y)IES, an exploration of history, culture, and community. With a talented creative team led by choreographer Israel Aloni, ilDance's productions promise to enthrall and unite communities across Europe. . 
On 26 June 2024 in the amphitheater of Viminacium Archaeological Park, Viminacium (RS) ilDance brings you a performance inspired by Roman heritage and local engagement, in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology in Belgrade (RS). On 5 July 2024 in Portico del Foro, Mérida (ES) ilDance honors local culture through dance, flamenco, music, and traditional costumes. On 12 July 2024 in partnership with Associazione and local dance companies, ilDance presents engaging performances that highlight our shared heritage on several locations in Tharros (IT). Stay tuned for more updates! The photo is an illustration image from the preparation for DANCING HISTOR(Y)IES.
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Charlotte Engelkes is one of the city of Stockholm’s culture prize winners as she receives the Bellman Prize 2024. The Bellman Prize rewards a person who has portrayed or described Stockholm (SE) from an artistic perspective or contributed to giving a positive image of Stockholm as a city of culture. The municipal board decides on award winners and the award ceremony takes place in Stockholm City Hall on 28 May 2024.

The jury’s motivation: “Can you think of a more worthy Bellman prize winner than this nationally and internationally acclaimed director, choreographer, and performance artist who performs with the same intense intimacy both under an oak tree at Djurgården and on Europe’s biggest stages? With her peculiar and boundary-crossing approach, Charlotte Engelkes, in Bellman’s spirit, creates a completely own genre that deals with life’s big and small questions. Through a unique stage presence, she portrays human paradoxes and complicated social conditions. Performance art and opera. Review and literary history. Humor and seriousness. Community and solitude. At the same time. If it is about parental betrayal, acts of heroism, transplants, quantum physics or women’s fate. With poetic seriousness and refreshing inventiveness, she is a most vivid work of art.”

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photo: Erik Linghede

[IT IS CONTAINED IN...] is a tribute to water, our greatest life source. The duo Land Before Time explores the different qualities that water has and how water reminds us to stay connected to our natural surroundings and relearn some of our fundamental needs to become more human: Feel, adapt, remember, connect, communicate, be. The performance is an honest journey together through nothing and something, little and much, silence and harmonies, stillness and movement. 

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water" – Loren Eiseley.

Land Before Time is a creative duo consisting of Joanna Holewa Chrona and Yared Tilahun Cederlund, performing artists within the field of dancing and Deejaying, as well as choreographing, sound composing and producing their performances. 

Performance date: 5 June 2024, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern/Sergels torg, Parkteatern, Stockholm (SE). Admission is free of charge. Read more here.

photo: José Figueroa

The solo BAT TECHNO was created by Virpi Pahkinen and will be performed at the Mafra Dance Festival in Portugal on 26 May 2024. Young dancer Sakari Romero Tuurala is still in the last year of his dance education but has performed in Pahkinen´s choreographies since he was 11. The solo was also performed by dancer Victor Persson on 8 May 2024 at the Soloduo Internationales Tanzfestival in Köln (DE).

Next up is another solo, first performed as part of the project "Weld Extended" last autumn in Stockholm by William Nylind. Nylind will perform the solo again at the outdoor Tanto festival in Stockholm on 8 June 20224.

The short film METEOR will be shown in the short film program on 25 May 2024 at the Tampere Contemporary Dance Current.

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Aloun Marchal is the co-choreographer of the performance "_p/\rc___" with Marine Relinger (dramaturge) and Eric Minh Cuong Castaing (Artistic Direction Shonen Cie). In partnership with the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games the performance "_p/\rc___" initially presented at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris (FR) in 2022, has been selected for the Cultural Olympics initiated by the Ministry of Culture of France. It will be recreated for this occasion.

With "_p/\rc___", Shonen Cie turns the extensive stage of the venue into a large park with renewed standards, from which specific dances are born, associating children with physical motor disorders and dancers.
Around them, with them, a swarm of telepresence robots, piloted by other children or adults with physical disabilities. Bodies meet. The dancers become both prostheses for the so-called impeded bodies and also slides, living merry-go-rounds. The robots push, pull, and draw with the children, carrying the stories and songs of the pilot-performers.

Performance date: 8 June 2024, Espace Germinal, in Fosses, north of Paris (FR). More info here.

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photo: Annika B. Lewis

HAPPINESS UNLTD is an immersive performance that has its re-premiere on 28 May 2024 - and runs until 8 June 2024, in the shopping mall Fisketorvet in Copenhagen (DK). At HAPPINESS UNLTD is a popup bureau for escapist travels where you can explore the concept of happiness. Kassandra Productions offers sensuous performance art, feel-good music, and endorphin-stimulating taste bombs that make your happiness barometer go through the roof. Drop in – and come out with a smile on your brain!

HAPPINESS UNLTD volume 2 is produced by Kassandra Production in a collaboration with theatre FÅR302 and CPH Stage festival. Idea and direction by Annika B. Lewis. HAPPINESS UNLTD is a co-production with theatre Bora Bora. Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. For full credits and contact information - please read here.

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photo: Marc Davin

At bibu, Sweden’s largest performing arts festival for a young audience, Claire Parsons Co. will be participating in a seminar about the challenges of documenting and preserving live performances for future museum visitors, researchers, and artists. The seminar ”Saving and cherishing artistic moments in time” will be held on 17 May 2024. Read more here

LITTLE SWAN LAKE by Claire Parsons Co. is now part of the repertoire presented by Norwegian network Scenekunstbruket. Scenekunstbruket is Norway's largest provider of high-quality performing arts productions for young audiences. LITTLE SWAN LAKE imaginatively plays with the classical ballet music. A performance about doing things your own way, for anyone aged 4 and above. It performed for Norwegian audiences at the 2023 edition of Showbox, Scenekunstbruket's annual showcase festival. For more information or to get in touch go here.

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photo: Lou T Lundqvist

Korda Art in Motion Dance Company continues the collaboration with Permaculture Stjärnsund and biologist Philipp Weiss to create a Forest Garden at Matsesgarden Stigsbo. Korda and the dancers are creating dances and choreography associated to the work with the Garden. Premiere of a new piece GAVIA ARCTICA on 26 July 2024. More info here.

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DISORDER just finished the tour with Dancenet Sweden. The work premiered on 11 March 2024 at Vara Konserthus Black Box in Vara (SE). DISORDER will play in Gothenburg again in September 2024. Dates will be published in the next newsletter.

"The work seems to be ongoing and this constant flow of longing - and powerful, erratic movement - becomes a relevant interpretation of the disorder of our time." Kuriren (SE)

Gothenburg-based choreographer Peter Svenzon and the dance company Art of Spectra begin a new collaboration with the stage Atalante in Gothenburg (SE). Artist-driven has been a keyword in the scene's activities ever since Atalante's beginnings. Now Peter Svenzon and Art of Spectra have been invited to be the new "in-house artists". Art of Spectra starts with performances of the latest production DISORDER in September. Further information will follow!

Peter Svenzon and Art of Spectra also work with Janos Szasz in the upcoming production GATSBY at Gothenburg Stadsteater autumn -24. Premiere on 14 Sept 2024. More info here.
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